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Reflex Suppressors for Environmental Firearms Noise Control and for Shooter's Hearing Protection


- Your hearing is irrepairable property. Once damaged, it is damaged forever. Easiest way to damage it is to shoot unprotected.
- If so, how can I use hearing protection during hunting? I must hear every sound around me!
- Thousands of hunters use sound suppressors today to protect their hearing. So do target shooters, who show consideration not only to themselves, but also to their audience and neighbourhood. 
- Is it legal to use suppressors?
- In many countries it is, in some countries you need a licence.
- It must be expensive!
- No more expensive than the scope sight on your rifle.
- What is that suppressor mounted to your rifle?
- It is a T8 Scout Reflex Suppressor. This is already the most popular suppressor among hunters in Finland, Sweden and Norway.
- Where can I get one?

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.308 Measured

Suppressor Trials 1999

Suppressor Project snapshots

Suppressor   Project   summary

Bullet  flight  noise at varying velocities

Bullet  impact  shift  of  suppressed  M62

Directional noise diagram of suppressed M62

Suppressors   and   Shooting    Range   Structures

Mounting  Reflex  Suppressors:

9 mm and 7,65 mm  Minireflex Moderators  for  pistols

Mounting a T8 Scout Telescopic Reflex Suppressor to a rifle

Aligning and centering a muzzle-mounted  suppressor or silencer

På svenska: Monteringsinstruktion för Reflex-ljuddämpare T8 Scout

Drawings and Manuals:

MP5 Reflex Suppressor

UZI  Reflex  Suppressors

SAF  Reflex  Suppressors

T8  Scout  rifle  suppressor

Kalashnikov Reflex Suppressor

M16 & AR-15 Reflex Suppressor

Reflex Suppressors for Steyr AUG

Reflex   Suppressor   for   H&K   G3

Reflex Suppressor for FN FAL L1A1

Reflex  Suppressor  for  Barrett  M82A1

Scout  and   Ranger  Suppressors   for  M62

Scout and Ranger Suppressors for M95 and  AK-5

Minireflex Pistol Moderators MX12,  MG 16 and MG12

Silenced Barrel Unit "Suhina-Suomi" SS-II for Suomi M31 SMG

Suomi SMG dummy cartridge suppressor for theatrical productions


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Manufacturer: BR-Tuote Ky, Sahamyllynkatu 33, 80170 Joensuu, Finland, Tel/Fax: +358 13 896862

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