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Ranger and Scout Model Reflex Suppressors for Finnish Assault Rifle M62

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Update 25.11.2009

Manual: Reflex Suppressors for Valmet M62

Telescopic Reflex Suppressors TX4 Ranger, TX6 Trooper and TX8 Scout are sound suppressors designed especially for use with full-power service 7.62 x 39 mm (Soviet M43) caliber cartridges. Mounting is done readily on flash hider thread. "Ranger Model" TX4 is the shortest and lightest assault rifle suppressor capable of heavy full-auto fire with full power military ammo, while still dropping shooter's noise exposure from unsuppressed 160 dB(A) Peak down to USA and European maximum peak noise level of 140 dB(A) or less. TX4 extends total length of Valmet M62 by just 24 mm ( less than 1"), when compared with normal flash hider, and it is only 200 g heavier. The "Scout Model" TX8 is still several decibels quieter, while extending the rifle by 50 mm or 2" as compared to flash hider. "Trooper Model" TX6 is an intermediate type, adding some attenuation, while being only slightly longer and heavier than TX4. Reflex Suppressors have parkerizing as standard finish.

Please, note:
No suppressor is able to eliminate ballistic "crack" of supersonic bullet, but noise of report towards the shooter is usually not louder than snap of .22 rimfire rifle, shooting Hi-Velocity .22 LR cartridges. Using custom-loaded 7.62 x 39 mm subsonic rounds (muzzle velocity ca. 300 m/s or 1000 fps) the noise of the shot is not very much more audible than is the hammer click of a dry-fired rifle. For handloader, subsonic loads with 1.05 g of H322 powder and 10.9...13 g bullets are usually sufficient to cycle the action of M62.

Mounting to Valmet M62: Push the flash hider securing pin out with a suitable punch to the right, as seen from behind the rifle. Heat flash hider with propane torch or electric cooking plate until thread locking glue is softened. Unscrew flash hider while hot and let the muzzle cool down. Clean remnants of glue away from muzzle thread and screw the suppressor on the muzzle thread. Do not use tools or excessive twist force. Overtightening is unnecessary and a way to excessive shift of shot group. Caution! While shooting with any type of suppressor, M62 tends to blow powder remnants and smoke towards shooter's face and eyes through narrow slot on the upper side of the action cover latch on the back of the cover. This slot should be sealed with tape, fabric or some other substance before firing, to avoid possible eye injuries!
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Shooting with suppressor: Reflex Suppressor is a highly efficient muzzle brake, due to abrupt reflection or blowback of muzzle blast inside suppressor jacket. Suppressor does not increase group diameter of shots in target or object. Additional weight on barrel shifts the place of group center on M62 and other Kalashnikov family weapons typically at 100 m by 10...18 cm to the right and up, but that displacement is easily corrected by adjusting sights. More extensive off-aiming or sight adjustment may be needed, when using subsonic rounds. Trajectory of subsonic bullet is also very curved. Low power of subsonic load with light bullet is usually unable to produce automatic ejection and feed.

Maintenance: Reflex Suppressor is a practically maintenance-free device. Normal fouling of powder and primers cannot take effect on its functioning. Loose solid impurities, like powder kernels and carbon chips, are easy to remove by shaking the suppressor, while keeping it vertically, rear-end downwards. Compressed air may be used for cleaning, but liquid or solvent washing is unnecessary and unadvisable. Remove suppressor, or leave the action of the rifle open after shooting session. This helps water condensed from powder gas to evaporate away. Apply gun oil for storage.

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