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Gary, 3 years, already knows how to save his hearing: "When I go shooting with Pa we both use hearing protectors!"   Safe sound levels are attained only by combined use of both personal hearing protection and rifle sound suppressors. The rifles shown are Norinco 56S with a KRS Reflex Suppressor and a Finnish Sako M62.

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The Steyr AUG has a grenade launcher type flash hider, which mounts a Reflex Suppressor in seconds to its internal M13x1 thread. The T4AUG Ranger (illustrated) extends only 59 mm in front of the flash hider, and weighs abt. 380 grams. A still quieter model T8AUG Scout is 30 mm longer than the Ranger model, and weighs abt. 450 grams. By users' reports, AUG Reflex Suppressors improve the already good accuracy of the rifle. Both models withstand full auto firing with full power .223 service cartridges. Designs of  T4AUG and T8AUG are similar to the Sako M92 and  AK5 / FN FNC Ranger and Scout models: See a cut-away drawing of them.

Injector effect

This momentary photo shows the injector effect of suppressors: The muzzle blast is tamed to a cooled powder gas blow forwards, instead of the usual unsuppressed pressure blast moving nearby branches or raising a cloud of dust. The rifle is a Sako M95 with a screw-on TR8 Scout Reflex Suppressor. Ejected case is flying just beside the sight.

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The Sako M95 (above) has a grenade launcher type flash hider (center), which accepts readily a TR series Reflex Suppressor (below). The M92S Sporter rifle version has a different diameter flash hider, and its flash hider and corresponding Reflex Suppressor models are marked correspondingly TR4S and TR8S. The M95 illustrated above is equipped with a Russian PSO-1 sniper sight, well known from the Dragunov sniper rifle. Quick mount rails for the PSO-1 are manufactured by BR-Tuote and Ase Utra.


A sporter version of AR Carbine with a telescopic Reflex Suppressors. The standard CAR-15 Reflex Suppressor is a muzzle mounted R12CAR.

G3 suppressor

.308 Heckler & Koch G3 Reflex Suppressor T8G3 Scout shown disconnected (above) and screwed on the flash hider thread (below). The  T8G3 Scout extends total length of G3 by about 73 mm (3"), compared to normal flash hider. Muzzle thread for flash hider is also the mounting thread of the suppressor. Standard finish of T8G3 Scout is military grade Parkerizing, like all Reflex Suppressors.

FAL measured

A British FN FAL L1A1 with a T4L1 Ranger Reflex Suppressor was one of the rifles used for sound travel measuring during the joint Suppressor Project. At the Suppressor project Mr. Rauno Pääkkönen (left) and Mr. Ilkka Kyttälä (center) measured rifle suppressor attenuations from distances changing from a few meters to more than a hundred meters. Suppressor attenuation (net sound reduction) was measured to be significantly lower from farther away. The attenuation drop over distance was declared by Rauno Pääkkönen to be due to quicker attenuating of higher frequency dominated spectrum of unsuppressed muzzle report, as compared to lower frequency sonic spectrum of suppressed muzzle noise. Of course, low note travels a longer distance, that's why fog horns of ocean ships have so low voices! The distance attenuation is one of the reasons that measuring close to the muzzle (1 m) regularly gives higher suppressor attenuation than measuring from farther away (beside shooter's ear or from 10 meters away). For more info about the joint Suppressor Project, please see Suppressor Project snapshots or the project summary.

Automatic Rifle Reflex Suppressors

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M16  Reflex Suppressor

Steyr AUG Reflex Suppressor

M62 / M76   Reflex Suppressors

Reflex   Suppressor   for    H&K  G3

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M95 / M92 and AK-5 / FNC Reflex Suppressors

Kalashnikov Reflex Suppressor KRS for AK, AKM, AK-74

Bullet  impact  shift  with   suppressed  Sako  M62  Assault  Rifle

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