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Modern shooting pleasure has greatly increased since the blunderbuss days, thanks to the gradual adoption of suppressors for firearms noise and muzzle flash control and for hearing protection, not to mention the relief to neighbours and environment. Today, you don't need to turn your head away from the firearm any more, like this fellow is doing, or neither be aware of a vigorous kick on your shoulder!

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This T8 Scout is mounted to a varminting and hunting rifle designed by J. Hartikka to get full benefit of modern ammunition accuracy also in field conditions. Rifles are custom built by BR-Tuote in .308, 7.62x53R and 6 PPC calibers.  Hunters using these rifles in 6 PPC caliber reported that longest sitting bird head hits have been 150 to 200 meters in practical hunting situations. Why try head hits? - No flesh wasted! 

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Garand M1A1 National Match with a T6M14 Scout Reflex Suppressor as compared to an unsuppressed M14 with standard flash hider. The Reflex suppressor substitutes the flash hider, mounting readily on its threads.

T8 Scout removed

The word "telescopic" means the way of keeping the Reflex Suppressor short by having the major part of its length on the barrel. When assembled, the suppressor is supported at two places: at the muzzle thread and at the rear end bushing. The muzzle thread fastening alone is sufficient to make it secure. This Reflex Suppressor model T8 Scout is shown as removed from the rifle.

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Custom model "Delisle Bretonne" built by gunsmith Herlé Kaigre, L'Armurier Breton. "This is a very easy to make Delisle copy," Kaigre tells. "It is made for 44 magnum caliber so you don't need to modify the Lee Enfield bolt head. The magazine is a Desert Eagle one, the 44 mag barrel is made from a Lothar Walther barrel blank. The suppressor is of course a special BR one."

Rifle and shotgun

Reflex Suppressors are available for rifles (above) and also examples have been made for measuring purposes for some single barrel shotguns, too (below). Mounting a suppressor to a hunting or target rifle is a relatively simple job to do.

Most shotguns, on the other hand, require modifications to barrel, like gas flow ports. Acceptable shotgun silencing effect is possible with subsonic ammo only because of the loud sonic crack of regular supersonic shotgun ammo.

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The Shotgun Reflex Suppressors have a perforated barrel extension tube inside its body (photo above) running all the way through it, which will keep both shot and slugs from colliding suppressor elements. Although the tube is unchoked, the perforations perform the same effect as a choke by braking outer shots, making the suppressor about equal to a 3/4 choke with shots. 

The limitations with suppressing
shotguns are: 1 - With standard supersonic ammo the flight noise of shot is so high, that the suppressed noise is only 5 - 6 dB lower than as unsuppressed. If one gets or can load subsonic ammo, the noise reduction is quite enough for effective hearing protection. 2 - Only single barrel shotguns can be suppressed with reasonable amount of work. 3 - Suppressor affects balance and sight line of the shotgun.

Shotgun Reflex Suppressors are individually designed and built by special order for each shotgun. They are not available for export.


One of the exceptions in easy shotgun suppressing is the rare SPAS 15, which accepts the telescopic Reflex Suppressor XRS readily on its choke thread.

Update 03.04.2009

Reflex Suppressors for rifles and shotguns:

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