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Contacts, inquiries and orders

Retail terms:

We also sell our products now to individuals in countries where we do not have a distributor.  NOTE: Prior to ordering, check that you are allowed to buy, import, hold and use a suppressor in your country or state. Take contact to our export sales... and in case you decide to buy a product from us, you will get a proforma invoice (no obligations to you), with prices, delivery times, how to pay, information needed for importing, etc. The postage and handling costs come in addition.

Residents in EU countries: without your VAT - number we add 22 % of VAT. Prices are ex works in Joensuu, Finland, without the VAT. All possible extra or other taxes, fees or equivalent are to be paid by the customer. As many suppressor and firearm designs exist, please consult first your local gunsmith about assemly to your gun. Necessary technical information follows every suppressor.

Residents in France: L'Armurier Breton, zone de la bourdinière, 22 120 Yffiniac, 00 33 02 96 72 76 55. Website: . Email: .

Residents in Norway: See website

Residents in New Zealand: Please contact Reloader's Supplies Ltd, Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand. Store at : 12 Newsome Street, Onehunga, Auckland, NZ. P.O.Box 13 - 010, Phone : (09) 636 - 5407, Fax : (09) 634 - 0267.  Contact person: Mr. Scott Stonex. Orders : .

Residents in the UK: Please contact Jackson rifles. See website .

North American Sales: Please contact Canadian Tactical Ltd. at  in Calgary, Alberta, or email them at . Phone: 1-(403) 277-5184 fax: 1-(403) 699-0025.

U.S. Residents: Prior to inquiring, check from your local BATF authorities that you are allowed to buy, import, hold and use a suppressor in your state.

Distributor sales:

It is our intention to serve you through these pages with information you require. Please, do not hesitate in asking questions about safer and more silent shooting pleasure! You may also wish us to add a link to other pages dealing with firearms or to other related topics. Let us hear about it. If you wish to have brochures in GIF form, or an individual copy of any of the JPEG photos in these pages, feel free to ask us to send you one(s) by e-mail. Due to numerous requests and inquiries, we so far can answer only for inquiries with names and adresses.

Interested in distributorship?
Here are some questions to help you to send us information about you and your interests:

- Who you are, where you are, your contact information (mail address, telephone and fax numbers, email and eventually other contact channels).
- What is your status (for example: already a gun or gun accessories dealer, distributor or eq., a class 2 or 3 mfr.)?
- What kind of gunsmithing skills you have or do you have good contacts to a qualified gunsmith as a partner?
- What kind of customer basis and experience you have?
- Are you operative locally or on a wider area?
- What brands you already have in your sales tray?
- Are you specially interested in some firearms related topics?
- Any information about your own situation (turnover, number of employees etc.) is essential.
- Where and when we could meet and have serious talks about the subject?

All inquiries about distributorship containing this reply information will speed up our handling of the matter. All replies will be handled confidentially and proceeding will be fast. Inquiries showing only an email name make it difficult for us to start serious negotiations about distributorship. We thank you in advance for your serious and constructive approach and welcome all inquiries and proposals warmheartedly!

Importing: Unless you already know all those issues needed to import, sell
and assemble suppressors in your country, please get familiar with them as we have no updated info about federal, state or local rules, laws and possible restrictions. Also the time span needed to get those may vary significantly.

General terms:
- All documents are truthfully indicating the merchandise, we do not sell suppressors with other than "suppressor" or "sound moderator" contents.
- All payment documents bear true values.
- We act only according to international customs and authorities directives and our and our customers' laws. Any suggestions against laws and good practise will be neglected.

Manufacturing Reflex Suppressors under License:

Considering the possibility of manufacturing and marketing Reflex Suppressors in your country? For more information, please look at separate License Manufacturing page. Inventions >>

BR Group: Reflex Suppressors Central Network of Companies

BR-Tuote logo
BR-Tuote Ky
is the central company in the network around Reflex Suppressors, lead by gunsmith Mr. Markku Sivonen. It is the original manufacturer of Reflex Suppressors, nowadays having basic production of them contracted to Ase Utra, and concentrating on sales of products. BR-Tuote produces also the most popular series of Finnish scope mounts for hunters and target shooters.

Ase Utra logo
Ase Utra
is the main manufacturer of Reflex Suppressors. It's owner, gunsmith Mr. Kari Hirvonen, almost exclusively concentrates on final assembly of the entire line of about 60 standard models of Reflex Suppressors made from parts obtained from numerous subcontractors. He is also known for his effective Jet-Z suppressors. Annual production of Ase Utra reaches tens of thousands of suppressor units a year. The user of a Reflex Suppressor can recognize his unit having been assembled in Ase Utra plant by stamping "AU" at the rear end of a Reflex Suppressor.

UHA logo
Mr. Juha Hartikka is the inventor and designer of Reflex Suppressors and BR Scope Mounts, and a number of other products to several companies. Working as a private industrial product designer, his co-operation with BR-Tuote started almost from the establishing of BR in the late eighties.

Update 03.08.2012 

Manufacturer: BR-Tuote Ky, Sahamyllynkatu 33, 80170 Joensuu, Finland
Tel/Fax: +358 13 896862

License manufacturing introduction:

Reflex Suppressors

Dealers welcome worldwide!

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