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Reflex Suppressors General Info

"The Sounds of Silence"

Update 23.03.09

tx4cut.jpg (7667 bytes)BR-Tuote of Joensuu, Finland produces a wide variety of firearm suppressors for .22 rimfire firearms, handguns, rifles, submachine guns and machine guns. Our main product is a patented Reflex Suppressor, originally designed for Valmet M62 assault rifle, but later on adapted to other firearms.


What is a Reflex Suppressor?

The Reflex Suppressor is a trademark for suppressor construction, designed to be used with supersonic, high-powered ammunition. Above all, the Reflex Suppressor is built to fulfil or exceed military standards and stand for harsh military use. Of course it is adaptable to civilian shooting sports. Although the Reflex Suppressor is primarily designed for supersonic ammunition, it also works well with subsonic ammunition. The Reflex Suppressor doesn't only reduce the noise, but it also reduces recoil a great deal and completely eliminates the muzzle flash. Reflex Suppressors are made from sheet steel by stampings and welding. The weight is minimized, however, without loss of durability.


Why build a suppressor for supersonic ammunition?

m62.jpg (12539 bytes)At first it sounds ridiculous, since no suppressor can damp the flight noise of supersonic projectile. However, the muzzle blast can be effectively suppressed, and if we compare it with an unsuppressed shot, we can get almost incredible efficiency values.

In fact, when used with supersonic ammunition, the suppressor doesn't remove the flight noise, but it protects the shooter's hearing and makes a shooter almost impossible to locate. When the muzzle blast is damped, the reflections from flight noise of supersonic projectile will mislead the observers about the shooter's position.

For survival, the "invisibility" is inevitable for snipers and other riflemen. Unlocated sniper can effectively demoralize the enemy, especially when it is poorly trained. For   noise levels measured completely around a suppressed and unsuppressed M62 rifle, see a Directional Pattern.

In civilian shooting sports the use of a suppressor with full-power ammunition will reduce the risk of serious hear damage. However, neither suppressor nor ear mufflers alone will protect one's hearing completely. But when used together, they will offer the best available hearing protection.


How to mount a Reflex Suppressor?

Whenever it is possible, Reflex Suppressor is mounted using existing thread originally intended for flash hider, muzzle brake, grenade launcher etc. If a suitable thread already exists, there is no need of thread cutting or special mounting device. Mounting doesn't require permanent modifications to firearm. If construction of firearm allows, the Reflex Suppressor will be built telescopic for shorter overall length and better balance. Telescopically mounted Reflex Suppressors stand more harsh use than ordinary frontal mounted ones. For this feature, the Reflex Suppressor is primary choose for military use.


Does it need regular maintenance?

No! The Reflex Suppressors are designed to be self cleaning. All Reflex Suppressors have a sealed construction, so there is no need or change for disassemble. No more cleaning the mesh or changing the rubber plugs.



ruger.jpg (2427 bytes)Our line of .22 suppressors includes detachable, frontal and telescopically mountable units for most types of .22 rimfire rifles and handguns. Standard models are furnished with standard 1/2" UNF thread. As they are made of steel, they can be used for hunting rifles up to .222 Rem caliber class. Bayonet mounting models do not even need muzzle thread, like the models for bull barrel Ruger pistols.



MX and MG Minireflex Moderators are intended for 9 x 19 mm Para and 7.65 Auto caliber selfloading handguns operating on short-recoil, straight blowback or delayed blowback principle. They are built to meet the requirements of military use and allow both dry and wet operation.

cz.jpg (2582 bytes)MX12 is all steel construction and remarkably compact for the size. It weights only about 140 g and increases the overall length 131 mm. It is one of the smallest and lightest 9 mm suppressors currently available, except for the still lighter MG suppressor for Glock pistol. Normally, a Minireflex suppressor is mounted and aligned to muzzle with thread. Thread cutting and possibly some modifications are required

For effective suppressing, use of proper subsonic ammunition is necessary. However, the MX12 can be used with full-power, supersonic ammunition without any problems or risk of breakage. Remember, the Minireflex is not only a suppressor, it is also a flash eliminator and a muzzle brake, which makes a handgun a delight to shoot.



Our line of rifle suppressors contains so called "general models" and specifically threaded units for certain assault rifles. Every rifle suppressor has all steel construction. Standard finish is military grade Parkerizing.

General models are intended for ordinary high-power hunting and sniper rifles. There are two basic types; Very short T4 Ranger and longer T8 Scout, which both will mount telescopically. The model number tells the amount of baffles used in the suppressor.

t8target.jpg (8300 bytes)

For mounting, it is necessary to remove the front sight. T4 and T8 won't mount on full or Mannlicher-stocked rifles or common bolt-action military rifles with short projecting barrel. Thread cutting is also required.

Specifically fitted T4 Ranger, T6 Trooper, T8 Scout and R12 suppressors are available for many battle and assault rifles. Most common production models are subsequent suppressors for following firearms:

m92psotr.jpg (10867 bytes)-TX4, TX6, TX8 for 5.56 mm, 7.62 mm M43 and 7.62 mm NATO Valmet M62.

TR4 and TR8 for Sako M95.

-AK4 and AK8 for AK-5 / FN-FNC

-T4AR for 5.56 mm Colt AR-15/M16.

-R12ARC for 5.56 mm AR Carbine CAR-15.

-T4AUG for 5.56 mm Steyr AUG.

-T4R4 for 5.56 mm R4/LM4 (South African Galil).

-T6R5 for 5.56 mm R5/LM5.

-R12AK for 7.62 mm M43 AK-47, AKM and AK-74

-T6G3 for 7.62 mm NATO H&K G3.

-T6L1 for 7.62 mm NATO L1A1 (British version of FN FAL).

-T6M14 for 7.62 mm NATO M14/M1A.

augsuppr.jpg (9143 bytes)Suppressors listed above can be mounted without any modifications to rifle. Mounting procedure can be carried out without special tools or skill. Before mounting, the flash hider, sleeve nut or equivalent must be removed. For Steyr AUG, Sako M95 and AK-5 not even this is necessary, as the suppressor mounts on internal threaded flash hider.



Reflex suppressors are also available for most modern and some older submachine guns. Construction of certain SMG's prevents the telescopic mounting and most SMG suppressors are frontal mounted. Only the suppressors for Uzi's and Sten MkII are telescopic.

Following SMG suppressors are currently available:

uzirefl.jpg (6774 bytes)-R12U for UZI and Mini-UZI.

-R12MU for Micro-UZI.

-R12MP5 for Heckler & Koch MP5.


-R12MP for MP40.

-T12S for Sten MkII.

-R12IT for Intratec.

Like assault rifle suppressors, mounting of SMG suppressors can be carried out without any modifications. UZI and Sten suppressors replace the barrel retainer nut and MP40 suppressor mounts on readily existing muzzle thread. MP5 suppressor mounts with special bayonet bracket on three bayonet lugs on the barrel. SMG suppressors will also stand continuous use of full power ammunition.



Suppressors are also available for machine guns. They are designed and built with same specifications as our rifle suppressors. Machine gun suppressors have been examined and "red hot tested" with fast-firing machine guns (e.g. MG 34), which have 900 rd/min rate-of-fire.

Machine gun suppressors are intended for use with standard high velocity ammunition. They work as misleading devices for concealing shooters position. Suppressors are available for most machine guns to customer's specifications.

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Reflex Suppressors


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