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Reflex Suppressors for Steyr AUG

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Manual: Steyr AUG Reflex Suppressors T4AUG Ranger and T8AUG Scoutaugmount.jpg (8456 bytes)

Telescopic Reflex Suppressor T4AUG Ranger is a sound suppressor designed especially for use with full-power service 5.56 x 45 mm/ .223 caliber rifle cartridges. Suppressor T4AUG extends total length of the barrel just 59 mm forward from the flash hider, and it is mounted readily to its inside thread. For still more quieting, a longer model Reflex Suppressor T8AUG Scout is also available for the AUG. T8 Scout extends the rifle by 89 mm. Standard coating of Reflex Suppressors is military grade Parkerizing. T4AUG or T8AUG is not applicable for the 9 mm smg variation of the AUG, which requires its own Reflex Suppressor model.

Please, note: No suppressor is able to eliminate ballistic "crack" of supersonic bullet, but noise of report towards the shooter is usually not louder than snap of .22 rimfire rifle, shooting Hi-Velocity .22 LR cartridges. Using custom-loaded 5.56 x 45 mm subsonic rounds (muzzle velocity ca. 300 m/s) the noise of the shot is not very much more audible than is the hammer click of a dry-fired rifle.

Mounting: Do not remove the flash hider of the AUG. Clean powder fouling (carbon) away from the thread inside the flash hider. Push the Reflex Suppressor onto barrel, until the male mounting thread (inside suppressor jacket) meets the female M13 x 1 thread of the flash hider. Screw the suppressor on the barrel without tools or excessive twist force. The internal design of AUG Reflex Suppressors is similar to the Sako M95 and Swedish AK5 Reflex Suppressors.

augmsaim.jpg (10453 bytes)Shooting with suppressor: Reflex Suppressor is a highly efficient muzzle brake (Mündungbremse), due to abrupt reflection or blowback of muzzle blast inside the suppressor jacket. Suppressor does not increase group diameter of shots in target or object. Additional weight on barrel shifts place of group center, but that displacement is easily corrected by adjusting the sight. Extent of displacement is usually less than one MIL or four Minutes Of Angle (<10 centimeters at 100 meters). More extensive off-aiming or sight adjustment may be needed, when using subsonic cartridges. Trajectory of subsonic bullet is also very curved. Low power of subsonic load is usually unable to produce automatic ejection of spent case and feed of fresh cartridge. Mechanical noise of action may give trouble in some sniping operations. If automatic ejection and feed are not essential, it is advisable to shut gas port (gas block), located in the front sight base, and feed each cartridge manually.

Maintenance: Reflex Suppressor is a practically maintenance-free device. Normal fouling of powder and primers cannot take effect on its functioning. Loose solid impurities, like powder kernels and carbon chips, are easy to remove by shaking the suppressor, while keeping it vertically, front end downwards. Compressed air may be used for cleaning, but wash with liquids or solvents is unadvisable. Regular gun oil can be used for storage. Remove the suppressor, or leave the action of the rifle open after shooting session. This helps water condensed from powder gas to evaporate away.

AUG Reflex Suppressor

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