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Sought: License Manufacturers for Firearms Reflex Suppressors

Company and product information:

In 1990 BR-Tuote, a custom gunsmith company and builder of high quality precision rifles, entered the realm of firearm sound suppressor business with a radical new suppressor design called the Reflex Suppressor.

Since then BR-Tuote has climbed to the top and stayed there. Today BR-Tuote is the biggest manufacturer of high power rifle suppressors in the world. BR-Tuote leads a network of companies cooperating in design, manufacture, marketing and export of military grade Reflex Suppressors for all major firearm types from .22 rimfire to .50 BMG.

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Featherweight but All Steel!


Whenever possible the Reflex Suppressor is mounted telescopically over the barrel. This means that Reflex Suppressor won't notably increase the overall length of a firearm, but also that due to telescopic mounting it is more rugged than a conventional muzzle can. In many cases the Reflex Suppressor can be mounted without any modifications. Telescopically mounted sound suppressor won't handicap maneuverability, and it is less liable to misalignment caused by rough handling.

The Reflex Suppressors are entirely made of low carbon sheet steel by stamping and welding. A sound suppressor made of low carbon steel is not sensitive for rapid temperature changes, so a suppressor will stand continuous full-auto firing with centerfire rifles or machine guns without the risk of suppressor damage.

In Finnish Defense Forces' tests 300 rounds of 7.62 x 39 mm M43 caliber ball ammunition were fired quick full-auto through the Reflex Suppressor. No significant damage for suppressor, but the rifle needed a new barrel! Similar torture-tests with similar results were carried out using e.g. the 7.92 mm caliber MG34 as a test-bed. The Reflex Suppressor surely is the only true full-auto capable sound suppressor in the world.

The Reflex Suppressor is designed to be maintenance free; there is no need of disassembly or cleaning. No spare parts are required. Reflex Suppressors have a tough parkerized military grade surface coating. That's why we see no significant reasons why firearm sound suppressor components should be machined of solid stock or exotic materials.

Rifle suppressors

Our line of Reflex rifle suppressors include models for most current assault rifles, battle rifles and sniper rifles from 5.56 mm to .50 BMG.

The Ranger

The short and lightweight Ranger suppressor is a more practical accessory than a bayonet as it usually weighs less than 450 grams and increases the overall length by less than 50 mm. Very maneuverable and highly recommended for close quarter battle (CQB) operations.

The Trooper

The size and number of baffles (6) of the Trooper suppressor have been optimized for 7.62 mm NATO caliber battle rifles, yet it is adaptable for other arms, too. The Trooper weighs less than 500 grams and increases the length of the weapon by less than 90 mm.

The Scout
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The T8 Scout suppressor provides the best attenuation. Therefore it is a bit heavier than the Ranger or Trooper, but it still weighs less than 550 grams and increases the overall length by less than 100 mm. The Scout is also the perfect choice for sniper rifles. A special reinforced model for Winchester SLAP (R) (Saboted Light Armor Penetrating) ammunition is available.

The Ranger, Trooper and Scout suppressors are available for following rifles:
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- Bolt action and selfloading rifles
- AR15 / M16
- CAR15
- Steyr AUG
- AK 5 (Swedish FNC)
- Galil
- R4 / LM4
- R5 / LM5
- RK 62 / Valmet M62S / Valmet M76
- RK 90 / RK 95 / Sako M92S
- Heckler & Koch G3
- M14 / M1A
- L1A1 (British FAL)

Reflex Suppressors for other rifles are available on request.

The Kalashnikov Reflex Suppressor

The muzzle-mounted KRS suppressor is especially designed for the 5.45 mm M74, 5.56 mm and 7.62 mm M43 caliber Kalashnikov type assault rifles with a left-handed metric M14 x 1 muzzle thread.

The .50 BMG

The fifty caliber suppressor made with the very same methods and materials than other our suppressors is one of the lightest sound suppressors available for the .50 BMG caliber rifles. It doesn't handicap the maneuverability of big sniping rigs, yet light enough to allow the cycle of the action of a recoil operated Barrett 82 rifle.

Reflex Suppressors for Submachine Guns

uzirefl.jpg (6774 bytes)BR-Tuote also manufactures detachable sound suppressors for submachine guns. All SMG suppressors have the same quality as our rifle suppressors and utilize existing threads whenever possible. Weight and dimensions vary depending on a firearm. For example, the all steel Reflex Suppressor for the MP5 weighs 500 grams and increases the overall length by 143 mm.

- Mini UZI
- Micro UZI
- JatiMatic
- Heckler & Koch MP5
- Intratec MP9

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Pistol Suppressors

Our pistol suppressors are the lightest current all steel pistol suppressors. The tube diameter is 27 mm, and the overall length is 140 mm. Pistol suppressor can be used wet for extra quieting.

Other Reflex Suppressors

Currently BR-Tuote manufactures prefitted standard suppressors for over 60 various weapons. However, if you don't find a suppressor for your firearm on our list, we will build it at reasonable extra cost. Call or write us for details.

In addition to rifle and SMG suppressors, we produce detachable suppressors for .22 rimfires, shotguns and machine guns.

Our shotgun suppressors are adaptable to single barrel shotguns (single shot, pump, autoloader and revolver) and they work with shotshells or slugs.

Machine gun suppressors are available for most squad automatic weapons (SAW's), light and general-purpose machine guns.

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How many
can stand
red hot
full auto fire?

Update 16.07.2012

Contact information

BR-Tuote Ky
Sahamyllynkatu 33, 80170 Joensuu, Finland

Current status:

Most produced rifle suppressor in the world. Patented and manufactured in Finland by BR-Tuote. Reflex Suppressors are used by European hunters and game wardens for shooters's hearing protection. Exported to all continents. Reflex Suppressors is a well known international trade mark introduced in magazines and literature. For detailed product info see Reflex Suppressors Pages on

Firearms Reflex Suppressors:

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