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Reflex Suppressors for UZI's

uzirefl.jpg (6774 bytes)The UZI Reflex Suppressors mount in seconds: Just remove the barrel retaining nut and screw the suppressor on!

Owner's Manual: Reflex Suppressor R12U for UZI & MINI-UZI and R12MU for MICRO-UZI

Telescopic Reflex Suppressors are developed for military use. All-steel construction will ensure long active life and durability. Due to telescopic mounting partially on the barrel, these suppressors extend the length of the submachine gun considerably less than conventional muzzle-affixed silencers or sound suppressors. Standard model R12U extends, for instance, just 128 mm forward from the muzzle of the UZI, and mounts also MINI-UZI without modifications. The corresponding model R12MU for MICRO-UZI and UZI pistol differs from R12U by having a different mounting thread. Both models are mounted in seconds by replacing the barrel retaining nut to the suppressors. Longer models are available by user's specifications. Any and all models are durable enough to stand full auto or burst-fire with full-power 9 x 19 mm cartridges. Standard finish of Reflex Suppressors is military grade Parkerizing.

microuzi.jpg (6945 bytes)Please, note: No suppressor is able to eliminate ballistic "crack" of supersonic bullets (velocity 340 m/s or more), but noise towards the shooter is usually not much louder, than the snap of a .22 rimfire rifle, shooting Hi-Velocity .22 LR cartridges. Crackling flight-noise of a supersonic bullet is beneficial in most exchanges of shots, if muzzle blast is absent. Shooter is very hard to locate, because echoes of the ballistic crack mislead the opponents. If possibly quiet operation is required, subsonic ammo (bullet velocity about 300 m/s) should be used. With subsonic bullets the clacking sound of moving bolt is the dominant shooting noise.

Mounting: Unscrew barrel retainer nut. Push exposed muzzle end of the barrel into the suppressor jacket. Screw the suppressor on the thread of the barrel nut (M26x1.5 in UZI and MINI-UZI, M24x1 in MICRO-UZI and UZI pistol). Store up the barrel retainer nut, if the suppressor is not intended as a permanent part of the submachine gun. Reflex Suppressor will take its stand concentrically on the barrel of the UZI SMG or pistol without particular effort. Remark! Some license manufactured UZI's have a painted barrel surface finish, which is thicker than the original Parkerized or blued finish. Thus, their barrels are slightly larger in diameter, and they will not fit in the precisely machined barrel aperture in the suppressor, if the paint is not removed. Short-barreled MINI-UZI is somewhat more complicated than standard UZI. After mounting of the suppressor for the first time, it is necessary to inspect the aligning of the suppressor by looking through the barrel, with bolt opened. Eccentric mounting may ruin the accuracy of shooting by contact of bullets with silencer baffles.

mupoint.jpg (8635 bytes)Even the short Micro-Uzi becomes a natural pointer with a Reflex Suppressor as a front grip. The muzzle jump stabilizing effect of the suppressor is considerable, making the Uzi's much easier and safer to shoot full-auto.

Shooting with suppressor is a pleasure, because of reduced recoil and muzzle jump. Reflex Suppressor is a highly efficient muzzle brake, due to abrupt reflection or blowback of muzzle blast inside silencer jacket. UZI will become well-adapted for instinctive shooting, when used with a Reflex Suppressor, because the suppressor jacket is a very natural front-end. Sustained rapid firing will, however, heat the jacket up after about 20 rounds. Using gloves is advisable.

Maintenance: Reflex Suppressor is practically maintenance-free device. Normal fouling of powder and primers cannot take effect on its functioning. Loose solid impurities, like powder kernels and carbon chips, are easy to remove by brisk shaking, while keeping the suppressor vertically, rear-end downwards. Loose litter drops out through the apertures of the mounting sleeve. After shooting session it is advisable to remove the suppressor. This helps water condensed from powder gas to evaporate away. For storing, gun oil may be applied inside and outside the suppressor.


UZI & MICRO-UZI Reflex Suppressors


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