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New links: Seppo Jyrkinen, Lappeenranta.

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How to Explain Space Energy? The Swiss Weinfelden Energy Conference in June 2001 introduced future energy solutions by world's top physicists. Prof. Kanarev´s Weinfelden lecture about Water as a New Source of Energy.  John Hutchison, The Wild Scientist From Vancouver

Patent Searches on Internet: Delphion patent search. Espacenet for Finnish patent. United States Patent OfficeEuropean Patent Office. International Yet2.com search.

Invention Pag
es:  Rainer Partanen's lightweight battery invention.  Inventor's Digest, it's Invention Database and companies seeking inventions.   PatentCafe with Inventions Wanted List and Patents Available for License, good Patent Search Tools and Find ManufacturersGeneva Invention Exhibition and it's Favourite LinksInventor Resources by InventorEdInventor Fraud Center with a lot of links, like you should investigate any company, U.S.inventor groups and organizations, companies seeking inventions. Inventornet Inventor Links.   Tekes partner search for industrial technology transfer. Global Technoscan technology transfer.   Portable Sandwich Fire made of birch. Publish your invention free of charge on the IFIA Internet Inventions Store.   Innoplaza Experimental Energy LinksTrack Vehicles by Hannu Alava.  Seppo Jyrkinen, Lappeenranta.

Inventors Associations: IFIA -International Federation of Inventors Associations.   Pohjois-Karjalan Keksijät ry

Internet Search Engines: Extensive Altavista and it's easy add URL.   Google  gives you a quotation of the search text. Good Alltheweb Fast Search and it's add URLLycos and it's add a page.

Technology Centers in Finland:  Carelian Science Park, Joensuu.  Teknia Oy, Kuopio. Kareltek Oy, Lappeenranta.  Jyväskylän Teknologiakeskus.    Neopoli Oy, Lahti.  Hermia, Tampere.  Merinova Oy, Vaasa.  Turun teknologiakeskus.  CulminatumLänsi-Uudenmaan Yrityshautomo OyUusyrityskeskukset.

Finnish Universities:  Lappeenranta University of Technology LTKKTampere University of Technology TTKK.   TKK, Helsinki.  University of JoensuuUniversity of JyväskyläUniversity of KuopioUniversity of Helsinki. University of TurkuUniversity of OuluÅbo Akademi.

InformationUnited States Patent Office.  Finnish Standards SFSFinnish Patent Bureau.   VTT.    Nikola Tesla - the Electric Magician.  PatentCafe information site. Inventor Server innoplaza.net .

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