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Sandwich Fire - born in Island, grew up in Finland and lives throughout the world

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* Sandwich-like package.

* It's easy to light and ignites a steady flame within five minutes.

* Made of Finnish birch, it burns long and hot without the dangerous sparks.

* It will burn up to an hour or longer (SF Maxi) (the SF Camper burns approx. 40 min.)

* It's a light, compact load for the hike in, and won't have to be carried out.

* SF maxi holds enough fire power to prepare a complete hot meal for at least 5 hungry campers.

* It's packed in recycled cardboard that burns as part of the fire, leaving only pure carbon and ash.

* The birch embers are particularly suitable for grilling and smoking.

* It creates a warm, gentle light useable in your fireplace at home or outdoors as a log fire.

Personal measurements:

SF Camper

Weight: 1.32 lb (0.6 kg)


L 7 ¾" x H 2 ¼" x D 3 ¾"

SF Maxi

Weight: 2.64 lb (1.2 kg)


L 11" x H 2 ½" x D 5"


- In English
- Auf Deutsch
- På Svenska

- The Diploma from the International Exhibition in Geneva

- SandwichFire in USA

Update 02.02.2001

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Pasi Kinnunen
Makumaentie 27
FIN - 83500 Outokumpu

Tel. +358 13 552713,
+358 40 526 0347
E-mail: P.K.Kinnunen@opaasi.fi

SandwichFire: http://sandwichfire.innoplaza.net

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