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Inventions, Business Ideas, Licenses and Technology for Sale


Inventors Seek Partners for Commercializing Inventions:

Agriculture and Nature:

Birch Sap Collecting Device for hygienic sap collecting while causing only very minimal harm for the tree. Prototype and preliminary trials made. Sought: Manufacturer, marketer. E-mail  j_hartikka@hotmail.com. No website.

Air Traffic:

Radar System for Air Traffic Control and Surveillance. The new Precision Radar System is a concept for accurate, quick and reliable yet very cost-effective air traffic control and surveillance of entire airspace of a country. PR system combines long range with ability to locate precisely aircraft positions, velocities and altitudes with fast update rate. Precision radar is able to simultaneously lock on every aircraft in the entire airspace, and it uses a novel integral algorithm to confim by parallel but independent measuring methods the precise locations, altitudes and speed vectors of aircrafts. Automatic classification of aircrafts by its own measuring data can be built into the software. In optimal cases even recognition of aircraft types and specific models is possible without aircraft mounted datalinks. As an additional line of user products, the PR system offers satellite independent aircraft precision locating and ground or surface vehicle passive radar applications. Innovation available at technical concept stage including industrial product development expertise. No website. Inventor: Mr. J. Hartikka, MScTech, Finland

Energy technology:

Heat Generator. Professor Philipp M.  Kanarev looks for a foreign investor for commercialization of the water electrical generator of heat with very high efficiency. See articles  Water Electric Generator of Heat  and  Generators of Global (Clean) Energy and Kanarev's on-line book. E-mail: kanphil@mail.ru  . More: Kanarev' Home Page >>

Firearms and accessories:

Integral Rifle Stock. E-mail  j_hartikka@hotmail.comMore >>

Firearms Reflex Suppressors. License manufacturers sought for world's most popular rifle suppressor. Tel +358 9 2713027.  More >>


Central Vacuum Cleaner Accessory for improving hygieny and preventing tube block-ups. E-mail  j_hartikka@hotmail.com. No website.

Musical Instruments:

Trumpet Adjustable Mouthpiece. Modular mouthpiece allows adjusting tone and volume while playing and much more! E-mail  j_hartikka@hotmail.comMore >>

Outdoors activities:

Child Seat Easy Mount for Bicycles. Particularly suitable for mounting a child seat to terrain bikes. E-mail  j_hartikka@hotmail.com.   More >>

Tools and Safety Devices:

Automatic Fire Extinguisher. A small, independent and maintenance free sealed unit. Easy to mount, does not need any cables or connections. Very suitable for closed quarters like apartments and car and boat motor compartments. Economy manufacture. Retail price in the same class as fire alarms. Preliminary trials made. Sought: Funding, manufacturer, marketer, patent holder. E-mail j_hartikka@hotmail.com. No website.

Sheet steel forming machine. A low cost tool combining joggling machine, squeezing machine and universal press.  Sheet max. thickness abt. 2 mm and width of jaws 1 to 2 meters.
Prototypes tested and in use. Sought: Manufacturer, marketer, patent holder. E-mail  j_hartikka@hotmail.com. No website.

Sweeping Device for removing cinder and hard deposits from difficult winding ducts and stove channels.
Working prototypes have been built and tested. Sought: Manufacturer, marketer, patent holder. 
E-mail  j_hartikka@hotmail.com. No website.

Update 07.01.2006

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