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Adjustable Mouthpiece for Trumpet

Tired of neigbors complaining about your playing? It may be a real problem to find a place for practising. So it was for the father of this innovation, until he worked out a solution to the problem by making a 'silencer' for his trumpet. Unlike sordino, the resulting adjustable mouthpiece invention solved the problem right from where the sound is born: lips. And it solved many other problems, too...

Modular = Assemble Easily Your Ideal Personal Mouthpiece!

Would like to improve the mouthpiece for your lips and tone? Standard mouthpieces just don't fit? The Modular Mothpiece does always fit, because it allows you to assemble a personal mouthpiece as easily as building with Lego blocks. Mouthpiece throat parts and lip rings are easily screwed off and replaced. Lip ring material even allows you to reshape it for your lips, even to unsymmetric shapes. This modular design allows you to vary easily and economically any sound forming mouthpiece parameter!

trumpet3.jpg (14948 bytes)Slide and Play

This is how it works: Just slide your right thumb while playing, easily and quickly. The lever adjusts the mouthpiece sound response internally, resulting normal tone sliding to softer and quieter sound. With decibels, the quieting effect is more than 10 dB. Tone becomes softer, resembling faintly sordino tone but being far less metallic.

One Horn, Multiple Blowers

Hygieny has allways been a problem, especially if many pupils share a single horn in turns. Even when you have personal instruments some friend may wish to try it.  Now you can let him blow without having to fear infections. Just replace your modular mouthpiece personal lip ring with another ring readily available in your instrument case. You can afford spare ones, because the replaceable lip ring costs only a few dollars!

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For Metal Allergics, too!

Lip rings are made from easy to clean and hygienic plastic which will not dissolve even traces of any metals to your lips.

Ever Frozen Your Lips?

If you ever have blown in cold weather, you know by experience still one reason why a warm plastic might feel much more comfortable against lips than brass...

For Any Horn

The mouthpiece invention works just fine with any horn! Of course one must have different model for different sizes of horns. The largest modular mouthpiece prototype is currently made for tuba.

Not Available in Your Country?

Maybe it will be in near future. The Modular Mouthpiece is for sale as a design for any possible manufacturer in your country. For hints and tips, please e-mail the inventor!

Update 07.10.2000.


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Mr. Juha Hartikka, MSc
Tel. +358 13 2637235 or +358
50 3573309
Fax + 358 13 646244

Stage of development: Functional prototypes has been in use since 1995.

Price for manufacturing & marketing rights: $ 10000:- / country.

Adjustable Trumpet Mouthpiece:

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