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Update: 21.01.2010

Firearms related new or historical articles you would like to publish? Wish to show your skills as a new writer? Want to republish a good article that you wish to keep for readers a bit longer than in a periodical magazine? Or have something in mind for a column? Here is a showroom on the web for Gunwriters.

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Issue 1/2005  04.01.2005:

Ed_Hr32_2.jpg (33358 bytes)

Ed's Essays

Silent But Deadly

- Part III -

- Ed Harris Comments on the .32 S&W Long In a Rifle

Compact .32 revolvers have been my favorite trail guns ever since the late LTC Ellis Lea (USA, Ret.) introduced me to them in the late 1970s while I was on the NRA Staff. Ever since, I've wanted a light, handy companion rifle which would fire the .32 S&W Long, and now I finally have one...    More >>

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Issue 1/2004 -   16.03.2004:

Iraqi War:

They Were Not Asked

war1.jpg (66955 bytes)

Friendly Fire

The incident pictured by TV news channels like N24 was told to be a British tank hit by American anti-armory fire. U.S. fire was reported to have caused more British casualties than Iraqis did during the offensive. "Friendly fire" incidents were aroused a topic again a year later as the media revealed that U.S. pilots were ordered Dexedrine amphetamine pills for combat flights. About 60 % of all pilots and 97 % of front line combat pilots in Iraq were told to have used "speed pills" supplied by their superiors.   More >>

Friendly Fire - "Not in My Army!" - Baghdad Hit by Surprise - To Play With - War News by Manuscript >>

fkhylsy.gif (3278 bytes)

The Empty Case War

- War is going as planned.
- What is the war plan like?
- The Plan is very flexible.
- When does the war end?
- Nobody can tell you that.  *

* A quote from 
General Franks' wartime

press briefing

Drawing (c) Feliks!

G.O.W. Kickback: Questions and Answers

Answering readers' questions is discontinued because of death of the editor of this column, the famous gunwriter P. T. Kekkonen.

Update: 13.10.2002

Orbea Hermanos

I have a Orbea Hermanos, Eibar, (5 shot gun, with mother of pearl handle) that looks like a S&W model 3 cal 380...

Letters from visitors:


I noticed one of your correspondents was looking at using powder from .303 British blanks in his L-39 rounds (Frank, USA) as an initiator charge...

AGUILA - .22 SSS-Sniper SubSonic

Dear Mr Kekkonen: I accidentaly ran into your comments regarding the above cartridge, in response to a question posed to you by an individual...
More >>

Questions and Answers Part 19 >>   Part 18 >>   17 >>   16 >>   15 >>  14 >>   13 >>   12 >>  11 >>   10 >>   9 >>  8 >>   7 >>   6 >>   5 >>   4 >>   3 >>  2 >>  1 >>

Technology and History, Parts 9 and 10.

Issue 5/2001 15.10.2001:


Theme is still Shotgun Slugs and Other Projectiles of the scatter guns. Drawings are returns from editorial office of a Finnish commercial periodical hunting magazine, drawn in 1984, presumed to be lost forever. Captives are written in Finnish and English. PLEASE NOTE: Translations have different wording...

BALLE BLONDEAU (France) was designed by Pierre Blondeau during Second World War for paramilitary purposes. Designer Blondeau was an active member of French Maquissard resistance movement. It was found that a burst of STEN submachine gun was unable to damage even the unarmored motor vehicles, but a shot or two from a shotgun could be effective, if the projectile had some kind of sheet metal perforation...   More >>


(Captions in English)


Concentrator & spherical bullet loads, used for moose poaching before 1932 and even for licensed hunting in early 1930s after gradual revoke of full protection. (Moose was almost exterminated species in Finland during several decades. Slow recovery of moose population started since Finnish Independence War 1918. Limited legal moose hunting was again allowed since 1932). Spherical sub-caliber bullets for shotguns were usually cast from almost pure lead, but hard "Babbitt's Bearing Alloy" or type metal projectiles weren't uncommon. Or even the hardened steel bearing balls, if available in size about 1.0 millimeter less than diameter of choked shotgun muzzle. Ball-bearings (steel spheres) were the most accurate sub-caliber shotgun projectiles at short ranges, but they lost their velocity sooner than lead alloy or lead bullets.
  More >>


Issue 4/2001  27.08.2001

Gaston's Guns:

THE 5,7x28 mm ARM SYSTEM
gasys57.jpg (12250 bytes)



Previous Gaston's Guns:

In English: Paap, Diana 350, PT 92 >>      G-2000 Straight out of Shadows >>

Version française: Paap, Diana 350, PT 92 Air Soft  >>     Le G-2000: un CZ sorti de l'ombre >>

The sniper pages of GOW
Written by: Markus P. Pönkä

fksmokin.jpg (25535 bytes)
GOW - Smoking May Be Dangerous to Your Health!  (c) Feliks

This is the first time when there is an article about sniping in the GOW in english. This article IS NOT about equipment or ammo, it IS about the nature of sniping. This page may be updated regularly or may not...

Sniper Pages >>


Readers' Causeries, Ideas & Innovations:

How to teach True Nature of the Government

I think, it is very important that we teach our children about the True Nature of Government. Now, at last, there is a way to give your children a basic civics course right in your own home! In my own experience as a father, I have discovered several simple expedients that can illustrate to a child's mind the principles on which the Modern State deals with it's citizens. You may find them helpful too.

For example, I used to play the simple card game WAR with my son. After a while, when he thoroughly understood that the higher ranking cards beats the lower ranking ones, I created a new game called GOVERNMENT. In this game, I was a Government, and I won every trick, regardless of who had the better card. My boy soon lost interest in my new game, but I like to think, it taught him a valuable lesson for his later life...

fk3virka.gif (6492 bytes)
Three wise bureucrats.  (c) Feliks

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Issue 2/2001  01.06.2001

czg2000.gif (17307 bytes)
The G 2000 : Straight out of the shadows

Text: Gaston DEPELCHIN

Mysterious, this new weapon totally absent in Brno's CZ catalog finally revealed its secrets. Randomly discovered at Milipol 99 show (1), the CZ G 2000 was introduced to us as a new weapon, manufactured for law enforcement only. After this show, no more news...  More in English >>

Le G-2000 : un CZ sorti de l'ombre

Mystérieuse, cette nouvelle arme qui n'apparaît nulle part sur les catalogues de la Ceska Zbrojovka de brno nous a enfin livré ses secrets ! Découvert par hasard au salon Milipol 99, le CZ G-2000 nous avait été présenté comme une nouvelle arme conçue spécialement pour forces de l'ordre. Mais depuis, plus aucune nouvelle...  Version française >>

CZ G-2000:  In English >>   Version française >>   Suomeksi >>

Issue 1/2001  30.01.2001: An expert tells about future designs...

The Weapon of Future Which is Necessary Today

Text: Pavel Makarov, firearms and ammunition designer, www.zk.ru/pmakarov

From the very beginning of development of human race the man always applied the weapon for protection, attack, obtaining of food. About his evolution, history of development, parameters, combat qualities we can familiarize in whole mass of the appropriate literature, and also visually by a review of museum exhibits and collections.

There are every possible configurations and sizes of weapon, but practically in the course of the history of weapon it has not changed its applicability: to strike reliably a potential enemy and to withdraw him from action, that is to make disabled. The changes in the doctrine of application of the weapon followed parallel in a proportion with a level of progress in that or other region of globe, and, means, that all discoveries, inventions and new technologies in this or that branch the man tried to apply to the newly created weapon... More >>

Pavel Makarov: The Weapon of Future >>

Issue 4/2000  03.11.2000:


Three rates of exothermic disintegration

vsop.jpg (15028 bytes)by John R. (Austria)

As you know the guncotton has (nearly) 3 nitro groups (NO2) per cellulose molecule (guncotton is a really extremely long molecule and therefore it is not exact stochiometric). These nitro groups are from the nitric acid used in the nitration process. Nitroglycerol is the ester of nitric acid and glycerol. Guncotton, Nitroglycerol and all the other higher nitro compounds are in their pure form "high power explosives". That means they are able to detonate. A detonation is by far more powerful than any explosion.

Detonation wave may become reflected and focused like light. "Shaped charges" of armor-penetrating warheads or mines were designed just before 2nd World War and applied for armor-piercing during WW 2. Hand-carried (portative) shaped blasting charges were first used by Germans in 1940 for capturement of besieged French Maginot Line strongholds. Principle of shaped charge was discovered by American powder chemist Munroe in 1880s and improved by German Neumann in early 1900s, but military applications came several decades later. Shaped charge may be a very simple design, like this "V.S.O.P. Bomb", loaded into a wine or brandy bottle with a concave bottom. Conical shape of bottom cavity is most efficient for production of a narrow (focused) axial "detonation jet"... More >>


Issue 3/2000  18.09.2000:

Silenced 7.62 mm Nagant Revolver

nagsil.jpg (16272 bytes)
Text: David Harber

Photo: Reprinted with permission from " The Ultimate Spy Book", by Keith Melton, Copyright 1996, Dorling Kinderling Limited, London.

I've been acquainted with Keith Melton for several years. As you may know, Keith has one of best collections of espionage equipment outside of the CIA. In his book, "The Ultimate Spy Book", he featured this photo of a partially disassembled silenced Nagant...   More >>

More:    Silenced 7.62 mm Nagant Revolver >>

Issue 2/2000  04.05.2000:           JUST WATCH US ROLL !

t34drive.jpg (12298 bytes)
It took a lot of work but the results speak for themselves. No national insignia has yet been fitted and it is likely that the tank will be painted many times over if it is given a role in a a film or two. The insignia will depend on whose colors the vehicle will star in.

T-34 Tank:
The Scaup Is At It Again

Part 1/2 >>

Article and photography by J. Hartikka
English edition by Eero Juhola (See home pages: Finnish Weapons)

One of the Continuation War's Soviet tanks rolled into the Eastern Finland town of Joensuu according to the original plan - though in a somewhat unforeseen way and considerably behind schedule - in 1994. We went for a test drive in this T-34 tank and after the smoke quite literally cleared we sat down to write this article.

More:    Part 1 >>     Part 2 >>

For all of you who have so many times asked us Gunwriters' editors for stories about suppressor designing - now here is eventually something for you! This story is written by an experienced suppressor designer and gunsmith Mark White of Sound Tech, and he really knows what he is talking about!

Issue 7/2000  22.02.2000:
whblond.jpg (12912 bytes)

The Use of Sound Suppressors on High-Powered Rifles

by Mark White

It should he stated at the outset that the phrase high-powered will cover those fairly efficient, non-magnum cartridges bracketed between the .223 and the .308 - the workhorses of the law-enforcement and military community. If one is going to suppress a sniper rifle, that rifle should he totally dedicated to suppressed fire. Using a rifle which is only occasionally silenced is an invitation to either a lawsuit or to poor field shooting, as any rifle will carry a different zero without a suppressor, as opposed to its zero with one.

More: Sound Suppressors on High-Powered Rifles >>

Issue 6/1999    15.12.1999:

The Use of Firearm Sound Suppressors for Wildlife Management

whiaims.jpg (20816 bytes)
by Mark White

The world of suppressors is a relatively new one for many of us. With any new concept there is a body of knowledge that must be absorbed in order to make that concept work effectively. A suppressed rifle that is truly quiet is an incredibly useful tool for the wildlife management community. We hope that the information contained in this article will give you a good start on what needs to be known before one can begin operations with an accurate suppressed firearm.

Here, Mark White prepares to fire his creation. The Classic Ultralight system handles extremely well. Photo courtesy Alan C. Paulson, author of the book Silencer History and Performance.

More:  Sound Suppressors for Wildlife Management >>

Issue 5/1999    27.09.1999:

maxshush.jpg (13087 bytes)On the Control of Silencers in the United States

by Mark White

A Bit of Historical Background

In 1909 Hiram P. Maxim invented one of the first metal silencers for reducing sound levels in firearms. Silencers were innovatively marketed as the gentleman's way of target shooting. They turned out to be quite popular, and sold quite well through the 1920s, and into the early '30s. The Great Depression of the 1930s left many people out of work, leading some to poach game in order to keep their families from starving. Concurrently, crime in the 1930s rose dramatically. It was in this context that attempts were made at passing legislation prohibiting handguns and machine guns. The Second Amendment to the U.S. constitution, however, prevented such legislation, and the courts struck it down. Eventually the concept of taxation was used to evade the wording in the Second Amendment ... More >>

Image: The famous "Dr. Shush" logo of original Maxim silencers - the gentleman's way of target shooting. Not until today the firearms noise control topic has been found again as a solution against shooting range noise pollution and for ensuring effective shooters' hearing protection.

Mark White is a of well known American suppressor expert and writer with a long experience about suppressor gunsmithing. His Sound Technology company manufactures high quality welded suppressors and silencers for shooters' hearing protection and for tactical purposes. He also publishes a newsletter. This story has previously been published in the magazine Tactical shooter. Both Mark and Sound Tech were heavily featured in an interview in the September issue of Tactical Shooter, Vol 2, #8.

On the Control of Silencers ... >>

Issue 5/1999  09.09.1999

In Defense of Finnish Assault Rifle Production

m92psotr.jpg (10867 bytes)
Text: Robie Kulokivi

A joint effort of the Finnish Defense Forces (FDF) and Sako over several years brought a new product improved model to daylight, and this rifle was officially adopted as the 762 RK 95 TP. After the initial order by FDF (worth some 16 Million USD) for the new M95 and spare parts, no follow up orders have been planned, nor does there seem to he any funding for future orders. Sako delivered the last assault rifles to the FDF during 1997 and after that the production line will be closed. This in turn means that the production knowledge will eventually disappear and after only a few years it would he difficult to start producing again. Is Finnish assault rifle production "finished" for good?

The author, Mr. Robie Kulokivi is a skilled and experienced military assault and sniping rifle expert by his professional career in the FDF. This article has previously been published in the Small Arms Review.

More: M95 >>

Issue 4/1999  02.05.1999

Assault Rifle Cartridge M/2030

2030b.gif (39492 bytes)- The assault rifle cartridge of the next century? Well, I guess it must be the caseless 4.73 x 33 mm round of the German Heckler & Koch Gewehr-11.
- If we look still further ahead in time, what might be the next step in ammo development?
- Nobody can tell that!
- Maybe nobody can tell for sure, but it can be predicted fairly well on ground of modern technology. Would you believe, if I stated, that in about year 2030 an assault rifle cartridge probably has a straight case and the projectile has a muzzle velocity of 1500 to 2000 meters per second. The bullet caliber is between 4 and 5 millimeters, while the bore diameter is much larger, about 9 to 10 millimeters. The assault rifle can shoot both ultra high speed 5 mm bullets, as well as slow 9 mm caliber class rounds - without changing barrels! Besides, it is simpler and cheaper to produce than present assault rifles.

- You are confusing me!

Cut-away drawing: Both the saboted (left) and full caliber versions of the M/2030 cartridge are designed be shot from the same weapon. Caliber can now be changed by changing cartridges only without any modifications to the weapon - which may be of very simple and economic straight blowback type!

This story was used as a source for December 1999 Small Arms Review (Vol 3 No 3) Page 25: A story based on "2030" concept, written by Alan C. Paulson, and to an article in Ronaldo Olive's Brazilian Firepower magazine: "Cartridge 2030", Munição para 2030.

More:   "Cartridge M/2030" >> 

Issue 2-3/1999  22.04.1999

ptk.jpg (16250 bytes)How To Handload Subsonic Rifle Cartridges (and survive)

Part One: Remembrance and Grey Theory

Part Two: General and exclusive data

Part Three: Less Familiar Factory Loads

By:  P. T. Kekkonen  (1999).

Part One: The author has played with subsonic centerfire rifle handloads since 1974 -- yes, quarter of a century -- being still alive. Frustration of many cartridge manufacturers, powder producers, bulletmongers and many other authorities on handloading has been easy to understand: Many peoples have a loathing for idea that all the folks can handload subsonic ammo! Many others are without prejudice: They need just know-how...

Part Two: "What means that international word: ARCANE ? It sounds like Latin !" > Jess, dear fellow Hard-Core Handloader ! Word "ARCANUM" is Latin meaning a secret potion or drug with the elements kept secret, but also The Philosophers' Stone of medieval alchemists believed to yield gold from some less-rare metals, usually from lead. Name for the article was selected because since early 1980's many authorities of handloading wished the author to keep all his knowledge on reduced-charge loading as a well-concealed secrecy...

Part Three: "Are we still again SENTENCED TO READ all this DULL HISTORY ??!" >JESS, dear fellow Hard-Core Handloader, you are ! Love it or leave it ! The history is the very best teacher, even for those researchers who are learning some new findings. Or ESPECIALLY for those "Gyro Gearlooses"...!

In Part three: " ... the world-famous ranger-chief LAURI A. TÖRNI (later known as LARRY A. THORNE in the U.S., alias STEVE KORNIE in the book and movie "THE GREEN BERETS") got a "silenced" Mosin & Nagant m/91-30 for the battlefield test in early November 1942..." See an appendix about Lauri Törni at the end of Arcane part 3.

More:   To Part 1    To Part 2     To Part 3

Issue 1/1999:

scannon.jpg (13622 bytes)Suomi Submachine Gun, KP/-31

"Famous Suomi submachine gun or machine carbine was developed to be an 'everlasting' piece of equipment. Broken or worn-out parts like extractors, barrels, breech-bolts and wooden stocks were easy to replace, along with recoil springs. Receiver and jacket were truly persistent parts, and small pieces of trigger mechanism did not wear out easily, except some little springs or pins."

About the Author: P. T. Kekkonen is probably the best known and recognized gunwriter to Finnish firearms magazine readers, and the only one doing the job full time. He has also contributed to several books with chapters, drawings and technical and historical details, like the well known book about Finnish firearms, "Arma Fennica". Author of the extensive series of "Silencer History and Performance" volumes, Alan C. Paulson, expresses his gratitude to P. T.'s help by declaring him a "Living National Treasure".

The Suomi Submachine Gun, KP/-31 history is a second revised edition, telling in part 2/2 also a short history about Finnish wars that KP/-31 has gone through. First edition has previously been published in the Australian magazine Collector.

Photo: Main models of the Suomi: KP/-31 at left and KP/-31 SJR at right.

More:   To Part 1/2    To Part 2/2

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