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Modular Thermal Exchanger for Ventilation

This invention helps you to get fresh air while keeping warmth in. A new type of thermal exchanger for ventilated air heat recovery combines very economy production costs with high operating efficiency typical to counterflow thermal exchangers. As a modular design the basic thermal exchanger cell elements can be joined to combine thermal exchagers for small or large volumes of ventilated air. The image above shows a prototype mounted for use. The thermal exchanger invention is suitable for use in houses, workshops etc. requiring normal or effective ventilation.

Cell is easier to maintain and replace than modern thermal exhanger cells. It is made with simpler and cheaper machines from thinner plating, so both cell weight and manufacturing costs are significantly reduced and recycling used cells is easier. Modular design allows making a large variety of cell sizes with the same production machinery.

Update 05.08.2002


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Mr. Juha Hartikka, MSc
Tel. +358
50 3573309
Fax + 358 13 646244

Stage of development: Functional prototype has been in use for two years.

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Thermal Exchanger:

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