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Shad Loncar, The New Energy Experimenter

February 20, 2004

Working for New Science -
Shad's Thoughts about
Prof. Sapogin's Article

Hi Juha,

Thanks for your reply and the forward of
Sapogin's answer! Very interesting!
Let me add some

I read his text document "New Sources
of Energy from the Point of View of Unitary
Quantum Theory
" with admiration! He is not
standing alone with his opinion, there are some
theories with similar meanings. One for example is the
so-called 'string theory' you probably have already
heard of. But what also sounds very familiar to Prof.
Sapogin, is Prof. Meyl's neutrino- and vortex

Photo: Shad discussing with Prof. Konstantin Meyl.
142-4204ShaddiscussingwithMeyl.JPG (13162 bytes)

Shortly ago one venture capitalist draw my attention
on my style of writing, I should learn to write in a
way easily understandable for anyone. Scientific texts
anyway a hard to understand, and people often do not
often have patience to read and understand. Personally
also I think the truth can be much more simple than we
think and as it is presented to us by established

Prof. Sapogin wrote in his document:
> I know about experimental research of Professor Kanarev and it is very interesting.
> SCIENCES IS WRONG. Ordinary science have base conservation
> laws and if you correctly use conventional theory you can obtaine conservation law
> only and explanation of Testatika machine is impossible, if you use ordinary science.

Many professors try to describe such things with terms
from ordinary science, being afraid for their
reputation, as many others before lost their
credibility, as they have 'turned away' from
established science.

But I must agree with Prof. Sapogin, because ordinary
science is made more or less of half-truth. For me the
half truth is worse than a lie – because the lie
easily can be recognized, but hardly can be a half

Electromagnetic Fields
In Experimenting

A gross example for this is is the Bio-stovart laws or
rules, which start with electro-techniques, we do not
have to start with particle-physics. There it is
described that there are two kinds of electricity
generation – one is supposed to happen in
motors/generators, the other in transformers. In my
opinion there only is one process for both, not two
processes. In the same way as there only is one
process for gravity, not two.

As inventor I try to think very simple, and if it was
about me, I would rename the electric current to
magnet current, or simply 'magneticity'.

The electric current supplies generators, motors or
transformers only with magnetism, OSCILLATING MAGNETIC
FLUX. To give an example, all generators and motors
run on the force of magnetism. None of them runs on
electricity. There are magnetic poles which attract
and repel whereby work is performed. It is not

In all these processes the iron cores of motors,
generator and even transformers are being magnetized
by electricity. One may argue that electricity is made
of electrons, positrons, neutrons, etc. But this could
in the same way be explained with north- and south
pole, and the neutral magnetic point such as

An average person for example thinks of electricity
when he sees a bulb shining. But also this light is
caused by resistance and heat. What now is

To me this only seems to be accelerated oscillating
magnetic flux.

Another great thing in electro-techniques is the Lenz'
which stands for cause and effect. The load in
motors and generator which causes headaches to so many
researchers here is described too much in black and
white. In my eyes it only describes the force of
magnetism, attraction and repulsion. The real cause
and effect are on the atomic level.

Attraction and repulsion which are described could be
used for work, because every generator and motor runs
on that principle. Some researchers utilized 'Mr.
Lenz' to their own advantage.

Bedini, Coler, Sweet, Bearden

John Bedini for example is one of many. We have to
think more in magnetism than in electric way, as we
were taught.

Work in motors and generators is performed by the
magnetism! Then Mr. Lenz cannot anymore be described
as a black and white law, an inflexible law.

Some bit of magnetic in-balance could already reduce
this Lenz' load effect to a minimum. On the other hand
Bedini actually uses it for mechanic work, instead of
letting it cause load.

Special core shapes for coils where the magnetism
could be manipulated could also undergo the Lenz law.

I am even convinced that permanent magnets receive
their magnetism from cosmic radiation, which for
example allowed Captain Hans Coler to construct his
device, or later Sweet's VTA device, or remember Tom
Bearden's MEG.

Blind Belief in Ordinary Science
May Be Destructive

We rather have to research the magnetic flux and its
nature and properties. With this writing I would like
to inspire the reader to not blindly believe in
ordinary science. As above Prof. Sapogin said, we
cannot describe and explain everything with ordinary
science, because it is not correct and still needs to
be developed.

What I want to say is that we have to develop more
discrimination on this field, and not only believe
blindly only it is written in a technical literature.

One famous American psychologist, Erich Fromm once
said that blind belief without discrimination leads
to destructive group dynamics, where the personalism
will be lost. The same counts for science!

Best regards,


February 18, 2004

142-4225ShadlecturinginBerlin.JPG (18349 bytes)Seeing The Obvious
In Front of Our Eyes

It is funny that we are all looking for an free energy
converter, as we all the time have it in front of our
eyes, but cannot see it. In German they say 'we don't
see the forest through all the trees'.

If thinking profoundly every atom is a free energy
converter, self maintaining. By converting energy from
the ambient it is brought into motion which also
determines its frequency. By this frequency it
communicates with other atoms, but also with the
ambient energy, the cosmic radiation, which constantly
rains down on our planet.

Photo: Shad lecturing in Berlin in June, 2002.

Ighina's Atom is a
Cosmic Energy Windmill

In fact every atom or molecule is a sender and a
receiver simultaneously, as well as a converter of
cosmic radiation. The cosmic radiation it converts
keeps the atom in motion so to the external it looks
like perpetual motion, a self maintainer.

There are basic laws how atoms perform this, which
were nicely described by an Italian physicist, who
unfortunately was not recognized by established
science, although he was a co-worker of Mr. Marconi.
His name is Pier Luigi Ighina, he passed away last

Ighina observed these basic laws under his microscope,
which he divided into four points:

1) The light atoms, when they excite the observed
atoms, give part of their motion to the latter

2) The observed atoms absorb part of the motion of the
light atoms to speed up theirs

3) In order to excite an atom, you need it to get in
touch with an atom of higher motion; the atom with the
highest motion will attract the one with the lowest

4) The higher the atoms motion, the more luminous it
will be and viceversa

(From The Magnetic Atom Pier Luigi Ighina,
more at http://www.svpvril.com/ighina/magatom.html )

It seems to me that when this dielectric energy from
space converts in our conductive matter a temporary
product is generated, which later can be polarized to
south or north, or plus and minus. An energy which
contains of dipoles. And if we trigger the atoms of a
conductor with those two dipoles, electricity will
result. The diffusion process hence depends very much
on the conductivity, chemical composition and symmetry
of the matter it is converted in.

The air in our atmosphere must be filled with these
dipoles, which result from this diffusion process.

In the case of the Testatika this diffusion process
performs very rapidly whereby only high voltage and
static electricity develops. Would the Testatika be
made of other materials, where the process would run
slower, there would result lower voltage and higher

I am even that crazy that I dare to claim that the
permanent magnets in reality have no permanent
magnetism, but tap their energy from the ambient with
their two dipoles, and that their magnetism is caused
by electro-magnetic spin in the material of the

If they lost their resonant frequency to the ambient
energy, their would also lose their permanent
magnetism. To the external it seems they are permanent
magnets, but maybe this only is an optical delusion,
as we cannot measure the energy.

Tesla's Energy Sink

Tesla had an idea on how one could make an 'energy
sink', which description I pasted below:

*** In order to tap this energy storehouse Tesla had
to accomplish two things - make a "cold sink" in the
ambient energy and devise a way of making the "sink"
self-pumping. Explaining how this process might have
worked requires, again, speculation.
Such a "sink" would have to be at a lower energy state
than the surrounding medium and, for the energy to
continually flow into it, the "sink" would have to
maintain the lower energy state while meeting the
power requirements of the load attached to it.
Electrical energy, watt-seconds, is a product of volts
x amps x seconds. Because the period of oscillation
does not change, either voltage or current has to be
the variable in the coil's energy equation.

Imagine now you have two electrodes from two different
materials and proper symmetry, which will not allow
that the field lines might close (broken symmetry).
Between the electrodes put a material with a high
energy field and high frequency. This would allow you
that the electrodes will be charged as in a capacitor.
If now you tap the charge from the electrodes, they
again will tap energy from the field between the
electrodes which oscillate in higher frequencies and
has a energy field, than the electrodes. Then you had
an energy sink as Tesla describes it.

There are materials which can be programmed, so they
can maintain their oscillation. Organic living matter
is supposed to have a higher energy field than
an-organic materials do. But also different gases,
plasma and other are very sensitive, if they are
triggered with the right impulses. If we found the
right material with the right conductivity and
permeability and the right symmetry, we could convert
greater amounts of anti-matter without bigger losses
and utilize as electricity.

I am convinced this is possible, because also to me
with my limited understanding and materials I am
mainly able to realize what I am speaking about.

These are my basic thought I wanted to share with you,
but I guess professors like Mr. Kanarev or Aspden can
explain this theory much more professionally – I am
rather an experimental physicist, trying to learn from

Best regards,



Save Mother Earth and you'll save yourselves!

February 16, 2004

About Explaining Testatika
by 'Kanarev effect'

Hello Juha and everybody,

I am enthused by these explanations and descriptions
and fully agree with you!

I made similar experiences in my magnetic resonance
electrolysis as Prof. Kanarev explains it in his
low-current electrolysis. His theory is a jewel in
today's physics and I hope he will further enlighten
us with his realizations.

In my realization atoms all are converter of
anti-matter (neutrinos, zpe, aether, tachyon, etc),
the cosmic radiation our matter absorbs and converts.
Our matter oscillates and in this way communicates
with this cosmic radiation, absorbs it whereby a
diffusion process results and many energy are being
produce, such as light, heat, magnetism, gravity and
others. I think that also gravity depends on this
radiation, as Prof. Kanarev describes it in his

It seems that gravity is present twice, once on the
molecular level, where it holds matter in 'one piece',
and on the other there is the gravity as it is
familiar to us, which our planet generates.

Experiments show that gases and fluids are very
sensitive with those energies, and that this cosmic
radiation slows them down in their velocity whereby a
diffusion process might occur, which again might
generate mechanical energy.

The Testatika as you just described it, also generates
some plasma or high voltage spark, which has the
property of absorbing this cosmic energy to transform
it in this way.

All matter absorbs it, but under specific conditions,
like the right impulsive frequency, conductivity and
symmetry of a medium matter is able to convert more of
this cosmic radiation.

Avalanche of Electrons -
Electrolysis Goes On
Without Current

In my electrolysis system for example I observe that
under specific conditions and at specific frequencies
and avalanche effect of electrons result, which works
on even after the electrolysis unit was switched off.

I made one experiment in this manner and observed that
the avalanche effect went of for weeks, where the
water was further decomposed, which actually is a kind
of JoeX or Joe cell effect.

In think if one could trigger the atoms with a proper
frequency and impulse, they will convert more energy
as if they would do under 'normal circumstances'.

In water for example the molecular bonds cannot be
maintained if such conversion of these bigger amounts
of energy occurs.

Actually happens what Prof. Kanarev describes in his
theory, where he says that atoms replace their lost
from vacuum (the 'Kanarev Effect',
http://Kanarev.energy.innoplaza.net ).

To me it looks like the greatest problem is to
properly convert aether (cosmic radiation). To tap
cosmic energy is more or less easy, but in the
conversion process itself a lot of energy is lost.
Here is the quest, where we have to find a solution.

This is my humble opinion and sight on this subject

Prof. Kanarev makes revolutionary pioneer work by
publishing the theory and thoughts in his books,
helping to us to understand this kind of subject
matter and the physics behind all this!

Kind regard,

142-4241NeilGraneaulookingatShadsdemo.JPG (17528 bytes)

Shad's 'Fuelcracker'
demonstration making
cleanly burning gas from
ordinary petrochemical liquid
fuels was one of the audience
magnets of the Binnotec Berlin
energy conference
in 2002. 

inno.gif (676 bytes)

Shad Loncar, The New Energy Experimenter: http://Shad.innoplaza.net

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