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Published 29.10.2004



Kanarev Ph.M.

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Article 39 (In Russian)


He enjoyed authority among his colleagues in the committee on struggle against pseudo-science. His analyses of false scientific creations made by false scientists were the deepest and the most convincing ones. He was proud of reputation, and it filled his sole with joy.

The management asked him to prepare a report concerning a series of pseudoscientific articles in the site in the Internet http://Kanarev.innoplaza.net .Earlier, he visited this site, and a negative attitude towards crazy ideas of its author came in. In the last, 38th article, he called the Committee on struggle against pseudo-science an inquisitorial one having endowed with the same epithet it members. Everything is ready for work. He typed the above-mentioned address and started paging. Oh, the 39th article has already been published. He opened it and began to read it. The caption was:


                                      Errors of the Nobel Committee


Shocking!!! It is not enough for him to give the nickname of inquisitors to the members of our honorable committee. He raises his hand against sancta sanctorum: the Nobel Committee. Let us read the next ramble, the authoritative inquisitor decided and started reading.

The world scientific community is on the threshold of analysis of the damage caused to world  science by the errors of the Nobel Committee. We’d like to express our personal, rather reserved opinion concerning this issue.

The erroneous solutions of the Nobel Committee caused significant damage to world science. Here is one example. Judge for yourself. If in the year of 1922 before awarding the prize to Niels Bohr   the experts of the Nobel Committee had asked an elementary childish question: how the electrons orbiting the atomic nuclei combined them into molecules, and tried to find an answer to this question in the atomic theory elaborated by Bohr, they would have come to the conclusion that Bohr’s postulates should not have been sanctified with the Nobel Prize in case of absence of the answer to this elementary question.

A global erroneous idea of the orbital movement of the electrons in the atoms, which had been sanctified by the authority of the Nobel prize started strengthening in the minds of the scientists.

When in 1933 the Nobel Committee gave prize to E. Schroedinger and P. Dirac for discovery of the new forms of the atomic theory, it strengthened a negative influence of erroneous Bohr’s postulates on the minds of scientists.

In 1945, the global erroneous Bohr’s idea was finally strengthened by the authority of the Nobel Prize being awarded to W. Pauli for discovery of a principle named after him (Pauli’s principle).

The above-mentioned prizes and some other prizes being awarded by the Nobel Committee stranded the ships of physics and of chemistry especially. They remain there, and nobody knows how to float off them and to put to the open sea.

 All of a sudden, the text disappeared. On the screen of the computer, a seascape and two plain ships not far from the shore appeared. There was an inscription “Theoretical physics” on the board of one ship and “Theoretical chemistry” on the board of another ship. The ships were turned toward each other and were connected with  a tow. The middle part of the tow was higher than the erections and had a form of a large question mark. Under the tow, one can see a streamer with the following text: “How do the electrons orbiting the atomic nuclei combine them into molecules?”.

Many thin and thick threads, ropes and tows were stretched between the ships and the shore. The operator showed that a man held each end of those numerous treads. Mainly, they were the old men. Some of them were decorated with medals. The operator understood and made close-ups. They were the medals of the Nobel Committee, and their owners were the Nobel Prize laureates.

It was strange why they held those threads.

A text appeared: “They are academicians – theorists. There are experimentalists among them. They have spent all their life on the ships, which have been near the shore, and have been satisfied with their titles. Gradually, the truth searchers appeared on the ship. In course of time, they became numerous and  disembarked the academicians; now the searchers try to float off the ships and to sail in order to find the truth.

The academicians got frightened. Their theoretical proceedings remained on the ships; and the rebellious searchers of the scientific truth could throw them overboard. The academicians had to throw their threads, ropes and tows over the ships in order to bar them from sailing”.

Before the authoritative inquisitor could understand what was going on, the operator showed the question mark that rose between the ships. The question mark became fogged and disappeared gradually; instead of it, a large form of a man emerged. Its outline became more distinct. Everybody recognized him. He was Alfred Nobel. His glance was hard, and he kept silence. Then he raised his right hand, and instead of the words of the former question “How do the electrons orbiting the atomic nuclei combine them into molecules?” the following text appeared:

“Inhabitants of the Earth, I did not think that my prizes caused such huge damage to exact sciences. Forgive me”. Nobel lowered his right hand, and the text of his address disappeared gradually, the outlines of the form of Nobel became obscure, and he passed into a cloud. It became so large that it closed the ships. The owners of the threads, which stretched from the ships, scurried. Their threads lost elasticity, and they felt at once that other ends of the threads became free.

The cloud began to clear away, and everybody was astonished to see that both ships disappeared; instead of them, but far away from the shore, a large snow-white liner appeared. There was an inscription on its board, but the spectacles of the old men who kept holding the ends of the threads did not allow them to read it.

Aloof, a solitary old man, who was unknown to them, stood. Instead of a thread, he had a binocular in his hand, and he looked at the snow-white liner. The old man with the thread came to him with a question: what was written on board of this beautiful liner?

The unknown old man lowered the binocular, looked with a sentiment of pity at the suppliants and gave them the binocular without an answer to their question. An old man with curly grey hair and the Nobel medal was the first to take it and began to look at the liner. Having read the inscription, he told everybody that it was written on board: “Unity Axiom”. The old man gave the binocular to others, looked at the owner of the binocular and asked: “Do you happen to know what it means?”

The owner of the binocular looked at the old man with curly hair and suddenly said: “Yes, Albert, I know. This is a finish of your dispute with Niels Bohr. An independent judge of all scientific disputes demonstrates that you are right. God does not dice”.

The authoritative inquisitor was taken aback. He had an irresistible wish to come to his senses and to understand what was happening.

Meanwhile, the operator showed the shots of ship life on the snow-white liner. The scientific truth searchers from the former two ships were there. Cheerful, mainly young faces were seen.

There was a scientific throne of unprecedented architectonics and moderate richness on the large deck. A beauty of unprecedented good looks was on the throne. Her clothes were modest. Neither attendants, nor bodyguards were round her. The beautiful woman raised her hands, and two books appeared in them; one book was large, another book was small. Young people came to the throne, made a bow to the beauty and received two books from her.

The operators made close-ups of two persons. The unknown old man with the binocular was the senior one. The young man asked him: “Please, tell me what is the name of the beauty who has given us the books”.

“Certainly, I’ll tell you”, revived the old man. “Her name is the Unity Axiom. She is immortal, and her beauty is everlasting”.

The liner put out at full speed. A smile of the young captain created a feeling of constant gladness. The young men looked through the books being received from the Unity Axiom. The title of the large book was “The Foundations of Physchemistry of Microworld”. No author was mentioned. The unknown old man explained: “The book contains the scientific achievement connected with the reality of all truth searchers. They were unplumbed and rejected by old academicians”.

The title of the small book was “Prior errors of exact sciences”. These errors were numbered in the following ways:

1. Lobachevskian geometry.

2. Maxwell equations.

3. Minkowskian geometry.

4. Einstein’s relativity theory

5. Schroedinger equation.

6. Bohr’s postulates.

7. ………………..

There were more than fifty names of various erroneous theories, scientific ideas and postulates in the list. At the end of it, the following sentence was written: Our main goal is to find all significant errors of exact sciences and release future generations of scientists from such errors.

That is the way it is! – said the authoritative inquisitor of the committee on struggle against pseudo-science at the Russian Academy of science when seated at his computer. Pictures vanished from the computer screen, and the text appeared:

“The Nobel Committee held an urgent meeting. An item was discussed: how is it possible to avoid mistakes during estimation of the connection of the results of scientific investigations with the reality and what is their significance for world science?” A decision to stop awarding Nobel Prizes on physics and chemistry has already been adopted. It is reported that the Chairman of the Nobel Committee has had a telephone conversation with the Unity Axiom who has steered the snow-white liner to ocean vastness in order to search the scientific truth. He has asked her to take part in the work of their committee, but she has refused having told that she will have no objections when she receives such invitation once again after she gets to know that the members of the Nobel Committee have undergone special training, and they have become able to understand her.     

The shots appeared again. One could see the lecture halls of the snow-white liner. Young lecturers did multimedia lecturing. On the screens of the monitor units, a slow consistent process of development of the formulas, which operated only in the framework of the space-matter-time Unity Axiom, took place. Concurrently with this development, there appeared the electromagnetic models of all main inhabitants of microworld: the photons, the electrons, the protons, the neutrons, the nuclei, the atoms, the molecules, and the clusters.

The lecturer articulated a new theory of the spectra. It appeared from this that the electron had no orbital movement in the atom. On the screen, a large electron moved slowly to a small proton. They were brought together  by the unlike electric fields. The spins had the form of heavy arrows. The spins turned toward each other. It meant that  their like magnetic poles restricted rapprochement of the electron with the proton. The rapprochement process was spasmodic. After each pulse jump, the photons were emitted. A sight worth seeing. With bated breath, the spectators viewed the animated films about life of the microworld inhabitants. It became far easier to study this life. The process became visible.

An elementary formula for the calculation of the spectra of the atoms and the ions gave the results, which coincided with the experiments. But the main thing was that it had quite different physical sense being district from physical sense of Bohr’s formula, which gave an opportunity to calculate a spectrum of the hydrogen atom only and from which the orbital motion of the electron in the hydrogen atom originated indeed. Bohr made a mistake when he applied this conclusion to all atoms. Now, the new formula calculated the spectra of all atoms and demonstrated that the electron had no orbital motion in the atom.

The lecturer summed up: “Bohr’s error sanctified by the authority of the Nobel Prize restrained development of physics and chemistry for decades”.

The speaker explained: “They study physics and chemistry of the 21st century. When they finish these courses, they will return to their universities, and the inhabitants of the Earth can rest assured with regard to the fate of exact sciences and scientific progress that will save them from ecological catastrophe”.

Then the following texts appeared: “Watch  http://Kanarev.innoplaza.net  In the next article (Article 40), you can familiarize yourself with the first lecture of the Unity Axiom, the goddess of all sciences”.

The authoritative inquisitor did not know what to do. Maybe, it is wise to wait till the lecture of the Unity Axiom appears and then to think about performance of the task. It flashed across his mind:   “the inquisitorial task”, and he became ill at ease.

The screen of the computed became dim without any command.



              The Unity Axiom has already read some lectures in Russian for the searchers of the scientific truth in the assembly hall of the snow-white liner. These lectures are published in the Internet  http://Kanarev.innoplaza.net

           In her first lecture (Article 40) with the title of “The beginning of fundamental errors”, the Unity Axiom demonstrated simply and convincingly the fallacy of geometries of Lobachevsky, Minkowsky, Riemann and Lorentz as well as the elementary mistake made by A. Einstein, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize by the Nobel Committee.

            In the second lecture (Article 41) with the title of “Errors of Niels Bohr”, the Unity Axiom demonstrated convincingly the fundamental mistakes made by N. Bohr and W. Pauli, for which they were awarded the Nobel Prizes.

            In the third lecture (Article 42) with the title of “What do Maxwell equations describe?”, the Unity Axiom demonstrated convincingly the fallacy of Maxwell equations and the theoretical investigations of Louis de Broglie, E. Schroedinger and P. Dirac, for which they were awarded the Nobel Prizes by the Nobel Committee.

           In the next lectures, the errors of  other Nobel Prize laureates will be shown.



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