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Published 29.10.2004




My dear friend from far-off Japan,

The time flies, and history writes its pages with no regard and advice with anybody. That's why I am afraid of it and do not withhold it from help when it asks me. This report is one of such requests. Nobody can fulfil it, except me.  

Sometimes I look through your letters again and again. Here is the first letter that you sent to me on April 21, 1999.There were two hundred dollars in the envelope. At that time it was my two-month salary, and I was extremely glad. I was greatly impressed by your attitude to me and to my scientific work. You addressed me both in Russian and in English and asked me to send to the book "ON THE WAY TO THE PHYSICS OF THE 21ST CENTURY". It proves your high intellect given to you by God who inspired you to help me. I sent my book to you, and you increased your financial help for me greatly, and you go on helping me during several years.

I can easily imagine what could happen to me if you did not help me. The majority of my scientific, experimental and theoretical achievements would be impossible. I would have sold my flat long ago, because I could not pay for it.

I am ill at ease to receive your help, and I have made up my mind to write a report concerning the work that I have made. First of all, I'd like to give account of spending the funds that you have sent me. I used larger part of them in order to support my life and to carry out scientific investigations.  A part of them was transferred to the state in the form of taxes, another part was deposited by me to a bank in order not to become a beggar when I become a pensioner. I should confess that I used some money to support my relatives.

I go on working, and my salary is USD 300, and my pension is USD 70.  My pension is enough only for payment of expenses connected with my flat. We have already discussed a plan how to sell the flat, which was given to me by Soviet power free of charge, and to buy  two smaller flats. As a result, I'll have approximately USD 40000 in addition and the possibility to live the remaining years tolerably.

Taking into account the above-mentioned fact, I'd like to express my deepest gratitude to you. I kindly ask you to remove survival guilt for inconveniencies caused to you in connection with your expenses. I know that you are sent by God to help me, but I cannot burden you with such long-term execution of this command of the supreme creator. A feeling of gratitude to you will remain in my soul till the end of my life.

My dear friend! Now you have some of my scientific reports in the form of books. As rather complicated matters, which are understood completely not by everybody, are discussed in these books, I have made up my mind to write some comments.

You know that the results of my investigation contain fundamental knowledge from the atomic nucleus to the Universe. I have described the generalized variant of this knowledge in the sixth edition of my book "The Foundations of Physchemistry of Microworld" that contains almost 500 pages. The readers of this book will see the unity of the microworld and close connections between all its inhabitants. I hope that I can publish it in Russian next year with a run of 100 copies.

History of science proves that the results, which are sure to be included into the textbooks, are the outcomes of the fundamental investigations. That's why I have made up my mind to analyse the content of modern textbooks for schools and institutions for higher education on physics and chemistry in order to find the chapters of these textbooks that contain fundamental errors.

It has turned out that optics is one of such chapters. I found out that I paid little attention to it. I had to check urgently the foundation on which it is based. I was impressed by Fresnel observations while analyzing light diffraction phenomena. They give a vivid description of behaviour of the photon, electromagnetic structure of which was published by me in the year of 1984. There are some things that deserve attention.

During almost two hundred years, wave properties of light, which are considered to be substantiated by theory and Fresnel experiments, are described in detail in all textbooks. I should confess that I was captivated by accuracy of his experiments as well. The only thing bewildered: a lack of the experiment performance schemes and the formula development schemes. It was necessary to make such schemes and to try to repeat development of Fresnel formulas, which are used by the authors of many textbooks within almost 200 years in order to prove wave properties of light.

Sure enough, the formula for the calculation of parameters of the internal diffraction patterns resulted from the scheme being drawn and the initial Fresnel equations. But it was shown in the scheme that minus should be in the formula, but it was absent, and it was not clear why. But I am lucky to have a good aid: the space-matter-time unity axiom. It demands participation of time in the description of processes and phenomena being studied, and time was missing in the initial Fresnel equations. Urgently, I made the parametric equations of circumferences with the centres indicated by Fresnel, and minus appeared in the formula automatically.

Further, without any explanation Fresnel substituted a distance from the wire, which formed diffraction pattern, to the screen for a radius of the circumference in the final formula. But nobody has the right to make such substitution taking into consideration the wave nature of light. It has become clear that Fresnel formula, which describes experiments results, does not pertain to the wave properties of light. On the contrary, it results automatically from its corpuscular properties, and I have made immediately the second development of this formula based on the corpuscular properties of light.

The sources of erroneous notions concerning the wave nature of light became clear. It is not the only case, which convinced me in extreme importance of theory for correct interpretation of experimental result. Erroneous theory results always in erroneous interpretation of a result that it anticipates.

Why did the authors of the textbooks fail to make an elementary analysis, which I made, and to release their numerous pupils from erroneous notions concerning nature of light? I direct this puzzlement to historians of science.

I'd like to give one more example. At the beginning of this year, I received a letter from one of the readers of my book. He wrote that he was impressed by my point of view on the essence of Maxwell equations. When he was a postgraduate of one of the Russian respectable institutions of higher education and his occupation concerned arms theme, he studied electromagnetic signals returned from different surfaces. When the surfaces were smooth, Maxwell equations delineated the experimental results satisfactorily. But when there were rusty bolt heads in the surface, spectral line took place in the returned signal. It was at variance with Maxwell equations, and he started searching a cause of this contradiction, but failed. He did not defend a thesis, and now being an elderly person he read my book, found this cause and informed me about it immediately. He wrote in his letter that it is necessary to sound the alarm and to inform clerisy that Maxwell equations describe mysticism, not actual phenomena.

I tried to pacify him saying that those who can hear his alarm are not born yet. Modern academicians are in captivity of stereotype notions, that’s why they will remain deaf to this alarm. He agreed with me.

My dear Japanese friend, I am glad to inform you that a new description of corpuscular optics is ready to be included into the textbook. On the whole, the larger part of the school textbooks on physics and chemistry will be substituted with my investigations. As far as the textbooks on physics and chemistry for institutions of higher learning are concerned, they contain greater number of erroneous chapters; there is no doubt that they will be retrieved and substituted with the results of my investigations. A textbook of physical chemistry of microworld will consist mainly of the results of my investigations, which will be added by my followers. "Physicist-chemist" speciality will become one of the most prestige ones.

It is pity that schoolchildren and students go on studying mysticism instead of reality, but I have no opportunity to help them to get rid it.

Not long ago, one of my former students came to me. He is an elderly person now, but he keeps being interested in Curie point, which takes place when metals are cooled. He has read my book, and he says: "How vexing that I have devoted all my life-time to the thing that I should not devote. If I have read your book 30 years ago, I would have solved the task facing me long ago; it has turned out that I have spent time in vain assuming erroneous notions concerning the phenomena being studied".

I recollect the letter of an American. He wrote that he worked all his life in U.S. nuclear naval forces and tried to understand the essence and the causes of radiation, but they became clear to him only when he read my book reproduced in the Internet. He was impressed by the information concerning the atomic nuclei, and he was astonished when he had know a simple and (as he put it) inexpensive opportunity to grow artificial diamonds. Another American thanked me for making him open his eyes to the structure of microworld.

For me, remarks are more important, not praises, but remarks were not numerous. I recollect a letter of an Academician of the Russian Academy of Science, director of the All-Russian Institute of Spectroscopy. He informed me that he read my book with bated breath and found solutions of several problems, which were discussed at the workshops when he was a student. But he could not agree that the electron has no orbital motion in the atom. He wrote that it is equal to negation of presence of oxygen in the air.

I think that the reputable Academician should have a look at the elementary mathematical model of the spectrum formation law and at Tables where the calculations of these spectra are given, in order to find fallibility of his point of view. I do not know if he has made it, but when I used his former invitation to take part in the conference devoted to the theory of the spectra and sent my report, I received a notification immediately. It was reported that the conference was devoted to traditional theoretical spectroscopy, and in my report a completely new approach, which differs from the traditional one, is described, that’s' why the steering committee did not recommend to include it in the program of the conference.

When the academicians notified me about a refusal to listen to my report, they did not think that they perform inquisitorial functions not worse than their medieval church colleagues.

Recently, I reread about destinies of Giordano Bruno and Galileo. It became frightful. It was a shameful period in history of mankind, but those who wish to repeat it still remain. It is absurdity to hear about a decision of the Russian Academy of Science concerning a creation of a committee of struggle against false science. As is evident, even academicians take nothing from history.

It is no need to be an academician in order to understand that nothing can stop the process of dissemination of knowledge connected with reality, and nothing will save knowledge, which has no such connection. This process is safely controlled by time. It determines a connection with reality of knowledge acquired by man. If there is such connection, neither bans, nor inquisitorial fires will stop a process of mastery of such knowledge. If there is no such connection, time will send such knowledge to non-existence. I do not understand why academicians fail to understand it.

There is none academy of science in the world that is free from the so called inquisitors on physics, chemistry and other sciences. Due to their fault, the heads of the youth are filled with mystic knowledge, which is not connected with reality. Due to their fault, billions of financial means are spent in vain for erroneous directions of scientific investigations. God forgive them! They do not know what they do.

In my book, a number of erroneous scientific results, which have been awarded with Nobel prizes, has been analysed. Now others will continue this analysis, and a list of erroneous solutions of the Nobel Committee will be enlarged. But I think that there is no ground to blame the scientific experts of this committee. When these prizes were awarded, there were no safe criteria for estimation of the connection of the scientific results, which were awarded, with the reality. Now such criteria exist, and the possibility of erroneous conclusions will be reduced considerably if political pressing on the experts is reduced during an estimation of priority and importance of scientific results for world science.

I understand that “scientific inquisitors” will do their best to hinder the dissemination of the results of my investigations, but all their efforts will be in vain. A baseless refuse of the Russian Fund of Fundamental Investigations to publish my book will not save them. The truth cannot be refuted or banned. It is invincible; if it has taken place, no force will restrain people from striving to perceive it.

There are many people who have understood the results of my investigations. You, my dear friend from Japan, is the first one among those who have understood their significance. You are followed by Juha Hartikka, my Finnish friend, who supports disinterestedly my site in the Internet with the information of more than 25 Mb. It is visited by more than 1000 readers monthly. I consider Thomas Arends, the foreign publisher of my book, to be the third one. He gave it the name “Resurrection of Exact Science” and made a clear definition of its essence in the foreword: “Do not be astonished if in the moment when you stop reading this book, you will throw overboard the so called “proved theories”.

It is considered that the authors are usually mistaken in estimation of the results of their scientific investigations. In order to prevent it, I was the first to whom the Supreme Creator disclosed the space-matter-time unity axiom, and he told it to protect me from errors. I have every reason to imagine the situation when the results of my investigations govern in science. It will be a step of qualitative transition of science into a new state, but will mean a scientific calamity for modern academicians. A country, which will be the first one to include the results of my investigations into educational process, will leave behind all other countries very quickly.

The results of my investigations will change the scientific world view and will open  a new approach to investigations in the field of theory of cognition, logic, philosophy, mathematics, physics, astronomy, chemistry, biology and other sciences.

Experimental results of my researches have proved the possibility to use the new super-effective inexhaustible and environmental friendly energy sources. I have no doubt in their authenticity, and I do not want to continue them or, moreover, commercialize them. It is a very dangerous undertaking nowadays. For me, it is important that they have proved my theory. Americans strive for purchase of licenses for my patents, and the administration of the University prepares an agreement with them concerning this issue. There are other similar suggestions.

Some years ago I sent my first book in English to be published in the Internet for free replication. In the first day, only a part of content of this book appeared in the Internet. Next day, the second part should be placed in the Internet. I recollect my irresistible wish to check my electronic mail box. This wish prepossessed me in the middle of the night. I switched on my computer. Really, a message arrived from a person from Western Europe whom I know and respect greatly. He asked me urgently to stop the process of publication of this book in the Internet.

For me, it was such a strange surprise that I remained in perplexity for a long time. It was difficult for me to ignore an opinion of the man for whom I had a great respect and to agree with him. A motive of his request did not convince me. If I met his request, it would mean for me a stop of service of the truth. I could not agree with it. The man whom I respected greatly cut off contacts with me, and the actual motives of his request remained a secret for me.

I thank the fate that I remain rather famous scientist. It is an ideal position for me. The level of this ideality is strengthened by a limitation of contacts with contemporaries.

My dear friend from far-off Japan, history has already written an acknowledgement to you for your help in a search of the scientific truth on a historical scale. God grant you health and longevity.

Sincerely yours,

Professor Ph.M. Kanarev            20.10.04.

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