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Published 04.06.2003


Ph.M. Kanarev

The Kuban State Agrarian University, Department of Theoretical Mechanics

13, Kalinin Street, 350044 Krasnodar, Russia

E-mail: kanphil@mail.kuban.ru

Lately, the notion "Global energy" has become widely spread as a prize corresponding to this notion has been introduced in Russia.

Since the Euclidean times, an unwritten law exists in science: to give definition to the notions, which are involved in scientific analysis. It is done for the purpose that everybody who uses this notion can understand the sense implied in it.

The global energy problems have been discussed for a long time; they are well known. Depletion of natural energy carriers (oil, gas and coal) is the first problem. Environmental safety of energy carriers is the second problem. It is generally recognized that the solution of the issues connected with the aggregate of these two problems is of a global character. The scientific research results, which should belong to global energy, originate from it. First and foremost, they are such scientific investigations, which result in the possibility to use an inexhaustible and environmental friendly energy carrier. It has been known for a long time. It is hydrogen produced from water.

Why hydrogen and why from water? Because when hydrogen is burnt, water is formed again; thus, the energy carrier is inexhaustible. As far as inexhaustibility and environmental safety are concerned, hydrogen has no competitors. But the implementation of these qualities is restricted by large energy expenses for hydrogen production from water. For hydrogen production, modern electrolyzers use by 10 or 20% more energy when it is produced while hydrogen is burnt.

It is easy to imagine what financial and intellectual resources of the world are included in the search of the ways how to reduce energy expenses for hydrogen production from water. In Russia, many scientific institutions of branch science and educational institutions are busy with this problem. There exists a research hydrogen institute.

The associations of scientists on hydrogen energetics have been established in USA and Europe. This year, they carry out their regular scientific conferences, to which the author of this article has been invited.

Energy problem is global not due to depletion of oil and gas, but due to their environmental hazard. But the confirmations exist that the world owners of energy resources do not bother about the environmental hazard problem of modern energy carriers.

In history of science, the facts of annihilation of the scientists who have won success in energy expense reduction for hydrogen production from water have already been registered. The orderers of these actions think that they will lose their profits with the rise of hydrogen energetics. They do not understand that this rise cannot be abrupt. It is impossible to substitute hydrogen energetics infrastructure for energy infrastructure of the existing energy carriers during one year or even during ten years. Besides, hydrogen energetics infrastructure will be created not on a blank space. It will be integrated into the existing infrastructure of energetics gradually; and its owners will automatically become the owners of hydrogen energetics. The first step has already been made in this direction. In USA, a decision has been adopted to equip all filling stations with the pumps to fill the cars with hydrogen.

It is known that the theoretical investigation results publication in press is a priority. Usually, such priority is a personal one. Usually, a patent is a priority of the experimental investigation results. As a rule, this patent belongs to a group of authors. A published patent is a jinnee released from a bottle. No finesse of the authors to encumber a reproduction of experimental data given in a patent without the participation of the authors can stop the process of their implementation. Thus, the authors or a group of the authors who have filed an application for a patent are deprived automatically of the opportunity to influence the process of practical realization of their ideas.

In Russia, the state is a main patent holder of the global patents. Due to the well-known reasons, it has proved to be unable to control the course of scientific investigations and to forecast significance of their results.

It is known that if it becomes possible to reduce energy expenses for hydrogen production of water 5fold, it will be the cheapest energy carrier. Russia has already got technology, which reduces these expenses 10fold and more. But another direction is more perspective. What is the use to break down water into hydrogen and oxygen and to use hydrogen as fuel for heating, for example, water in heating systems? Is it possible to make water generate heat? As it happens, it is possible.

In Russia, three firms (Yusmar, Termovikhr and Noteka) sell cavitation heating equipment with energy performance index up to 150%. Official science looks awry at this activity, because such results conflict with one of the main laws of physics: law of conservation of energy. But market profit is stronger than this law.

Engineering practice has already proved that additional energy in the form of heat is generated in the ventilation systems and in the water cavitation systems. Deep scientific analysis of this problem shows that physical vacuum is the most probable source of additional energy in the systems of ventilation and water cavitation. Valence electrons of destroyed molecules of water take energy from physical vacuum and release it during repeated fusion of these molecules.

Why is additional energy generated in the air systems of ventilation and in water cavitation systems? Because they are mechanical systems; mechanical destruction of chemical links requires half energy as compared with thermal destruction of these links. This is the main reason why one fails to increase energy performance index of cavitation processes over 200%.

An increase of efficacy of any process by 30 or 50% is a good result; if it is obtained, it is possible to get even better result. What if a water molecule is destroyed not mechanically, but electrodynamically? In this case, it becomes possible to find resonance frequencies of impact on the molecules and to reduce considerably electrical energy expenses for their destruction. Subsequent fusion of destroyed molecules will release prescribed quantity of energy unavoidably. It is a simple idea, and it has already been implemented. During electrodynamic influence on water molecules, electrical energy is converted into thermal energy with tenfold energy performance index. It means that if we spend 1 kW of electric energy, we'll get 10 kW of thermal energy.

In order to obtain such results, it is necessary to have knowledge on physchemistry of the micro world, which corresponds to knowledge of the 21st century, and it has already been published. Every month, more than 3000 foreign scientists become familiarized with this knowledge, the addresses being http://Kanarev.innoplaza.net and http://book.physchemistry.innoplaza.net . The Russian speaking readers get this information from addresses: http://www.n-t.org/tp/ns/if.htm http://www.ikar.udm.ru/sb28-2.htm and http://www.n-t.org/tp/ts/eb.htm

I think that now the readers will know the essentials of the notions "global energy" and will understand the scientific investigation results, which solve its problems actually.

Ph. M. Kanarev


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